Teaching children charity should be an essential part of growing up. Read the article given below to know how to teach children charity.

Teaching Children Charity

To empathize with the unfortunate is the best lesson that should be taught to kids and teaching them charity is the right start in this direction. And this lesson can be taught fruitfully only from home, and through the example of yourself, that is the parents. The parents are the first teachers of the children and what the parents do, is followed by the children. In the book of life, the hardest thing to learn or to attain is the sensitivity to the plight of others. There is always a misperceived inability to do anything. This state of inaction, the feeling that only a single person can’t change anything, and so staying away from doing any kind of help stems from the lack of exposure to charitable work during childhood. On the other hand, if children are bred in an environment of caring and giving, if they are taught that giving should be a part of life then not only will they be on the path of being a better human being, but will also contribute in future towards the betterment of others. To know how you can teach your kids to donate to charity read below.  
How To Teach Children Charity 
  • It is natural for children to hold on to whatever they have. Kids are generally very possessive of all their toys, clothes, money or any bric-a-brac that they have. So, it will be very difficult if you try to hand over their things to charity. Be realistic. Show them the little things that they can do to spread cheer around them.
  • Start by teaching your children to give company to a lonely relative or send a card or simply give a smile at someone. This will make children understand the benefits of giving. Then you can make them collect all the clothes and toys that they do not use anymore and donate it to the needy. In time, the kids will learn to donate what they don’t need instead of hoarding them. Once they learn that they are helping out someone then they will be encouraged to do it more.
  • When the kids see that all the elders are happily donating to charity then they are more likely to catch the habit. When deciding what and whom to donate include the children in the decision making process. Thus, they will make themselves responsible to the cause and also chip in with their ideas. To show the kids the importance of giving back, donate together as a charity. When the kids see that the entire family volunteers for a cause then they will be more inclined to donate.
  • Kids will only give to those that they find interesting. So, don’t push them towards any particular cause. Give them a list of all the charities that they can donate to, make them do their own research. Support whichever charities the kids decide to donate.
  • Doing charity should be fun. You should not make the kids feel that they are losing anything. Make them see and understand what their little contribution can do for the less privileged. Make them aware of all the issues involved so that they can empathize with it. Don’t forget to bring in the human element. Show how simple acts can lead to sweeping changes in the life of those who are unfortunate.
  • Don’t make the kids donate just for the sake of donating. Help them understand what they are doing. Show them the effect of their efforts and always appreciate their contribution.

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