Once you baby crosses the 10 month mark, you need to become more careful about his diet. Know about the meal plan for ten months old baby.

10 Month Old Diet Plan

Once babies cross the 10 month old mark, it becomes necessary for the mothers to be more considerate about their diet plan. While the baby primarily depends upon breast milk in the initial days of his life, his nutritional needs grow with time. After some months, he needs more than just milk, in order to grow. Thus, a balanced meal plan needs to be chalked, to meet the rising needs of the child. You can include a variety of food items in the diet, to meet his nutritional needs. However, do make sure that whatever food you give him, it has been mashed properly, as he will not have molars for another couple of months. Know more about the diet plan of a 10 month old.
Meal Plan for Ten Month Old Baby 
  • One of the essential components of your baby’s diet is protein. For this, you can add foods like poultry, fish, beef, pork and beans to your baby’s diet. However, make sure the meat is well cooked. Chop or shred it into small pieces as well as cut off all visible fat, before serving. In case of fish, you can serve it plain or breaded and even offer it with steamed veggies, to make a healthy meal
  • Gradually feed you baby cottage cheese, hard cheese and yoghurt, while being cautious for any allergic reaction.
  • Strained cooked egg yolk is also a vital source of protein, which can be added to the diet. However, do not serve the whole egg to the baby, as the egg white is more likely to cause an allergic reaction.
  • Don’t feed honey to your baby till his or her first birthday, as it may contain bacteria, which may make your baby ill.
  • Once your baby has complete 10 months of age, you can start feeding him cereals. So, go ahead and break out the shaped pasta right now! You can even make your own baby pasta salad, by adding your kid's favorite veggies and cheeses to it.
  • By this time, you must have fed your baby with a number of fruits separately and be aware of the ones he likes and the one he is allergic to. Now, start feeding him different combinations of the fruits he likes. However, in case of citrus fruits, you are advised to go slow and look out for any signs of acidity.
  • This is the time when you start introducing different vegetables to your little one. Soft cook the veggies, mash them well and mix together, to make a nice vegetables medley for your baby. In case of tomato and other acidic foods, make sure to look out for reactions to the acidity.
  • In case your baby has started weaning from breast milk, it is the time to offer him a change. Start offering him ½ breast milk and ½ milk or ½ milk and ½ formula. In fact you should feed your baby juices and formula milk, which are vital liquids, apart from water.

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