While hiring a nanny, ask all the probable questions to ensure safety for your child. Given below are interview questions to ask a nanny.

Questions To Ask A Nanny

As per the modern lifestyle of urban areas, most of the mothers are working. This provides them little opportunity to take care of their child on a consistent basis. In effect, a nanny is somebody they think they can trust, for support and help. This implies that after a mother, the child is the closest to the nanny, who stays with the child more than his parents. Thus, the nanny should be a person who is ready to treat your child just like she would do her own. This is a trait that is scarcely found in nannies nowadays, as they are basically interested in money the parents are ready to give to keep their child accompanied. Therefore, while hiring a nanny, make sure you ask all the probable questions in order to ensure the safety of your child.
Interview Questions to Ask a Nanny 
  • How long have you been a nanny? This will indicate her experience in the profession.
  • What ages of children have you worked with? This will tell you about her comfort level with the kids.
  • Why do you enjoy working with children? This will tell her positive and negative points.
  • Ask her about her particular strengths when working with children? This will tell her strengths and dexterity in the area.
  • Have you undertaken any training in childcare and development and, if so, how long were the courses? This will ensure she has a better understanding with respect to handling kids.
  • What qualifications do you have? An educational background proves helpful in interacting and making her understand your lifestyle needs.
  • Ask what would you do in case of a family crisis? This will inform you about her crisis management skills.
  • What aspects of this particular job do you think you will enjoy? This will let you know whether she enjoys her work or not.
  • How might you spend the day with my child? This will enable you to know her creativity in working at things.
  • Why did you leave your last job and, if appropriate, why will you be leaving your present position? This will help you in deciding whether it is feasible to hire her and the kind of expectations she has from you.
  • What difficulties have you experienced as a nanny with parents or children and how were they resolved? This will show her attitude towards the work area as well as the employers.
  • Does she have her infant & child CPR certification? A specialization qualification is always an additional bonus point and keeps you less worried.
  • Does she drive and have a car? Is she a driver? This is subjective as per the employer’s needs.
  • Is she a non-smoker? This will ensure you have a healthy environment at home and will also prevent your child from early distractions and addictions.
  • Is she aware of and responsive to the many developmental stages of infants & children? This will tell you whether she can handle the child growth properly or not.
  • Is she eager to follow your guidelines for healthy and supportive discipline necessary for the development of positive self-esteem and social skills? This will tell you whether she is cooperative and adaptable enough to adjust in your surroundings.
  • Does she enjoy playing with children? This is a vital question as a nanny should know how to keep the child engaged.
  • Is she ready to explore the neighborhood and local geographic areas for libraries, museums, playgrounds, and exciting nature walks with your child? This will tell you whether she will be just a caretaker or capable of helping in the overall development of the child as well.
  • What is your philosophy about discipline? This is an important question. It will tell you how she will tackle tricky situations with your child.
  • Why do you do this work? This will tell you whether it is just a compulsion or necessity or whether she really has a passion for it.
  • Can you give me some examples of problems you have had with kids and how you handled them?
  • How do you handle tantrums?
  • How would you react if a child bit or hit you?
  • What do you do when you become angry with a child? This will tell you how safe your child is in her company.
  • What if she revealed something to you that you knew I wouldn't approve of? This will show whether she respects child’s development and is ready to be his confidante.
  • At what point would you call a pediatrician or 911? Her management skills are revealed by this question.
  • Do you prefer to work with boys or girls and why? Her comfort level can once again be identified with this question.

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