Love it or hate it, homework is an important part of our student lives. Read further to know more about the benefits or advantages of homework.

Benefits Of Homework

Do you remember taking out your school worksheet and completing your homework before running out to play with your friends? Most of us got through homework just because our playing hours followed it. To others who got to play first, our deepest condolences. It has been long since homework became a part and parcel of a student’s life. Despite experts opining that homework is just an added burden on a child, many parents and teachers alike swear by it. However, there is no doubt that homeworks form a competitive tool and aid in making your kid efficient and independent. Be it projects or assignments, homework explores students’ skills and enables them to handle their work singlehandedly. As it is done in the creative atmosphere of one’s home, it also helps students enhance their academic skills, which, in turn, increases their self-esteem. What the parents should avoid is spoon-feeding the child and let the homework serve its purpose of making your kid disciplined. Here are some of the benefits of home work.
Advantages Of Homework
Prioritise The School
Doing homework on a frequent basis enables students to prioritise school activities despite being exposed to temptations such as video games and cartoons. Students learn to cope up with things even if they don’t want to.
Time Management
Homeworks are the best time management teachers for students of almost all ages. Once they start studying their lessons in the allotted time, they start learning the art of prioritisation and also learn how to complete their tasks in a scheduled time. This helps them in managing their time and studies independently which instils self-discipline in students. 
Builds Up Initiative
When homeworks are given, students have to take the initiative to study. It builds in them, a sense of responsibility to do their part in education. Once they complete it, they feel like they have accomplished something. It is from here that they learn to plan and be organised. Doing homeworks independently helps a student apply his/her knowledge and skills to the lessons at hand which facilitates practical learning and enhances logical aptitude.
Review The Lessons
Students develop problem solving skills by doing homeworks on a daily basis. They also get a chance to review the lessons. By doing homeworks, students get encouraged to use other resources such as grammar books and dictionaries which ultimate lead to better knowledge gaining experience. Homeworks help a teacher know whether the lessons are grasped and understood well by the students or not. They also bridge the gap between the school and home as parents stay informed of the curriculum taught in school. This increases the involvement of parents in school activities which in turn results in better communication between parents and kids as well as parents and school authorities.
Comprehending Lessons
It is by doing their homework that students learn to read, understand and note down the lessons in a better way; it also helps them recollect and convey information and implement the information whenever need arises. Students are taught to focus and work on their own which gradually develops their interest in new subjects. Though, in the early days of school, homeworks can be quite mechanised, they do help the children develop a plan as their grade progresses.
Develop Interest
Homework helps students build interest in a subject which makes them better in class. Moreover, teacher’s positive remarks serve as a boost to their studies. It is through homeworks that kids learn to follow the instructions that come with every assignment. As a result, they try to explore more on the subject which helps them get better at studies and also paves way for more informed career choices at a later stage.
Enhance Skills
Homeworks help students get accustomed to the school activities. By doing these homeworks, children learn to amend their mistakes, improve their skills, and apply them to good effect. Moreover, this builds an attitude in students to explore and learn.
Homeworks are often used by teachers to consolidate the lessons taken in class and they also prepare the students to be ready for the next lesson. As a result, there is continuity between lessons. Doing a lesson over and over again in class can be beneficial for kids but isn’t really possible always. This is where homeworks step in.
Other benefits
  • Homework helps children deal with hard times as they often finish an assignment despite facing difficulties and adversities such as homeworks of other subjects and paucity of time.
  • Doing work at home provides students the atmosphere which is required for creative work and innovative thought.
  • Homeworks in the form of notes prove important for students during the exams. 
Homeworks facilitate the overall development of a child. Even if it is for five or ten minutes, it prepares the child not only for the following lesson in school but also in life. 

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