Kids educational games can be efficient learning tools. To brush up your ideas on educational games for kids, follow the article closely.

Kids Educational Games

“An educational system isn’t worth a great deal if it teaches young people how to make a living but doesn’t teach them how to make a life” – James Stockdale. Educational games are a great way of telling the children that they can have fun and learn from it as well. It works well for the teacher or parents as well as the kid. These educational games not only help to build a foundation for future excellence in realms of academics and extra-curricular activities, but also make the kids more interactive. For example, the Montessori way of education is based on self directed learning where children are given materials to work with. What goes through a child’s mind is that he/she is playing a game- but this is the game of education! An advantage of this process is that the entire curriculum can be included. If you are finding it hard to come up with educational games, then there are a few available online too. Read more for an insight into kids’ educational games.

Educational Games For Kids

Colour Wheel
Arrange rainbow coloured papers in a row - violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. Now, find fruits or vegetables matching these colours. For example, eggplant for violet, pear for green and mango for yellow. As you are making the child identify the fruits, tell him/her the colour too. When a pictographic representation is done, learning becomes easier and more fun. To get the child involved, make him paint a rainbow using all the colours. After this, go onto primary, secondary and tertiary colours and make sure you don’t confuse the child!
Letters And Numbers
Take a large piece of paper and draw a picture. This could be of an animal or a balloon or anything large. Take the incomplete part and draw dots alongside where you can put alphabets or number, but sequentially. The kids need to connect the dots in the correct order and finish the puzzle. This is a fun way to memorize the English alphabet and the numbers. If your child is taking time to learn, give him a break before carrying on.
Shapes And Sizes
This game might surprise the child. So you have to keep things ready before beginning. Draw and outline of different shapes such as diamond, square, triangle, rectangle etc. Now, ask the kid/kids what resembles these shapes the most. Correct him/her if they are wrong. Name the shape as the child is carrying out his exercise. Another option is to make cutouts of certain shapes like star, heart, circle, oval etc and allot the empty spaces to each shape. Ask the child to fit in the shape into its correct place. For learning about size, draw outlines of objects in different sizes and make the child arrange in ascending/descending order.
All kids love to watch the spelling bee contest on TV and would like to do something similar. How you can make it fun is get a whole list of names of animals, birds, fruits, vegetables, colours and even chocolates. Make placards of these words and remove one or two letters. Help the child fill the letters in to make the word. He/she will be so excited to spell from now on! Start with simple spelling and get more ideas on themes as you go along.
These are a few of the educational kids’ games that can take them from getting a pass to a distinction in their daily activities and academics!

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