Have you messed up things at home and are now wondering how to say sorry to your wife? Go through this article to find some helpful ways to make up to your wife.

How To Say Sorry To Wife

No relationship is perfect and we’ve believed this more whenever we’ve had a clash with our beloved. Just like other relationships, a husband and wife relationship is also bound to have its own (rather huge) share of thick and thins; break-ups and patch-ups. While with friends, it is rather simpler to patch up with a pat on the back and a mild sheepish grin, patching up with your wife can leave you all worked up. The reason is obvious, girls are more ‘deep’ than guys and are far more profound. So, you need to be a little thoughtful while trying to apologize to your better half. If you just walk up to her and say “I’m sorry” with your otherwise striking grin; then you are sure to get “No you’re not!” in response. But don’t lose heart – this article is dedicated to all those men who are looking for ways to say sorry to their sulking wives. It talks about ways to patch up with your wounded wife and getting back your glorious married life.

Saying Sorry To Your Wife

  • First things first. Never, ever assume that if you stop talking to her, the memory of the unpleasant experience will fade away gradually and things will get back to normal. If you really want her to get back to her cheerful self, then TALK TO HER. ‘Communicate and sort it out’ is the key for a healthy relationship. Just be truthful and communicate with her from the get go!
  • When she says she’s deeply hurt by your behavior, then she really is. You may not find the reason logical enough to cause such a profound hurt to someone but the fact is that your wife is hurt. So, instead of explaining your viewpoint to her, try to heal her wounded heart. Tell her that you are sorry for what you did and voice out your emotional front. If you love your girl, genuineness and sincerity will follow your expression. Insincere apologies can be detected while a true apology can melt away all anger and rage.
  • At times, written words are more powerful than the spoken ones. If it’s an absolute disaster that you’ve committed and are now wondering where to start from, then draft an apology letter for her. Write that you regret your behavior and now earnestly want forgiveness. Team it up with a bunch of her favorite flowers and leave the rest to her. She may not instantly fall in your arms but since written words leave a huge impact, her heart will gradually open up to you and you’ll get your girl back.
  • Show your effort to patch up with her. For example, if you forgot about her long awaited dinner-date, then you can probably surprise her by organizing a similar dinner and win her heart all over again!
  • You may even send her an appropriate apology greeting or a small gift to express that you regret what has happened.
  • Hug her! Keep trying to give her a loving hug even if she shoves you away or shrieks at you. Girls need someone to comfort them when they are hurt and by hugging her you can show that you are sensitive to her. You ought to be there to ease her with your hug and make her feel better. She may be extremely disappointed but deep within her heart she loves you like crazy and feels blissful in your arms!

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