Asking relationship question is the best way to get a thorough understanding of it. Read below to know the various relationship questions.

Relationship Questions

Wherever you look, in your family and friends, it seems like everyone is getting in relationships. And not surprisingly many are also getting out of relationships. It looks like those who get into relationships come out of it even quicker as after sometime most of them realize that the person with whom they are going out with is not the same person whom they first saw with their love-struck eyes. People generally fall out with each other when their mental picture of the person doesn’t match the reality. In this age of rapid fire, kiss and make up relationships long term companionship eludes the couples because of the lack of introspection. The reason for this is very few people question themselves before falling in the relationship, and also before getting out of it. It is only when you question that you will look at relationship in an entirely new perspective. This is because relationship can prove to be a dark road unless you know the various questions to light up your way. And for this you need to know what questions you must ask. To help you in this given below in the article are a sample of a few such questions that you must ask in a relationship.

Questions About Relationship

Questions On Relationship problems
  • What are the problems that you face in your relationship? How often do you face such problems? Why the problems recur that often?
  • What are your views on love, romance, and sex? What do you consider to be the difference between them?
  • Is the interaction with your partner smooth?
  • Do you become uncomfortable if you are alone or in public together with your partner? If yes then what makes you uncomfortable?
  • Why are you in this relationship? Why are you continuing in this relationship?
  • What is the one thing that would completely wreak your relationship beyond repair? Why do you think that your relationship can’t be repaired?
  • Do you trust your partner and if he/she does the same?
  • What kind of demonstration or communication you look in your partner that best shows love?
  • Do you see your partner’s point of view? What is the main cause of friction between you?
  • What are your ideas to bring the warmth back into the relationship?
  • In this relationship are you able to open up or do you hold yourself back? If yes then why do you do so?
  • Is your relationship adversely affecting your self esteem or vice versa? Why do you think this happens?
  • Has your self esteem ever been questioned by your partner for the problems in your relationship? What steps did you take to rectify it?
  • Is there a gap in communication between you and your partner? Do you have any idea how you can lessen this communication gap?
Questions To Ask Before Going In A Relationship
  • Are you in the relationship simply for the sake of being in the relationship? Does this person have this special appeal to you that forces you to go into a relationship?
  • In this relationship do you share each other’s interest? Are there any common grounds and do both of you stimulate each other?
  • Are you attracted to him/her physically or emotionally?
  • Does the person with whom you want to go into a relationship respect your thought and opinions? Do you do the same?
  • Are you able to be what you are when you are with this person? Are you forced to pretend what he/she wishes you to be?
  • Do both of you share similar goals and desires in life?
  • Do both of you give each other space and respect the need for privacy?
  • Are you ready to give credence to forgiveness, which is an essential criteria for the success of a relationship?

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