If you are exhausted trying to put your baby to sleep, then here are some trouble-free tips on how to get a baby to sleep. Steer through this write up to learn more.

How To Get a Baby To Sleep

You had a busy day at work and have returned home bushed and exhausted longing for some good sleep. You come to your baby’s nursery, rock him/her to sleep, and just when you put him/her down, he/she wakes up. What will you do now to put your baby back to sleep? Motherhood is bliss, but putting a baby to sleep can be a very fatiguing experience, at times. Most parents become edgy while trying to put their babies to sleep. However, there are a few tips which may help you put your baby to sleep in next to no time. The first thing you should do before putting your baby to sleep is to make sure everything is at place and your baby is comfortable in the crib. Be sure that your baby has a good dinner; has burped, and is sleeping in a dry diaper. Help your baby to stay awake during the day time so that he/she can sleep better at night. If you want to know how to get your baby to sleep effectively, then here are some handy tips to your aid.

Getting A Baby To Sleep


Do you remember how your mom used to sing lullaby when you were a kid and you used to fall asleep right away? Try the same method with your baby too! Quiet and soft music is very soothing for a baby. Hold your baby against your chest to make him/her feel warm and secure. You can either sing a lullaby or play some soothing music. However, don’t turn the volume too high as it may distract your child from sleeping.

Is It The Diaper?

Your baby will definitely not like to sleep on something wet and cold. Your baby might start crying just because he/she is uncomfortable. Check if the diaper is wet, and change it quietly. Don’t turn on the lights while changing; instead you may use a night lamp to guide you.

Don’t Be In a Rush

Just like you, your baby too needs time to fall asleep. At times you might find that after rocking your baby to sleep, he/she wakes just as you lay him/her down in the crib. This is because your baby is not fully asleep. The initial period of a baby’s sleep is usually light, so he/she might wake up easily. Spend some more time to make sure your baby is fast asleep before you put him/her it down in the crib.

The Ideal Sleeping Environment

A comforting sleeping environment will help your baby sleep faster. Dim night lamps, setting the room temperature at a comfortable range, and putting a warm blanket over the baby may help a baby sleep better and faster. You also have to evaluate if the baby is comfortable in complete darkness or if low lit lamp is more soothing for him/her.

Bedtime Rituals

A bedtime routine gives a baby signals to sleep. You can try a routine like singing a lullaby, massaging your baby with a lotion, or feeding the baby, etc. Even if the baby might have difficulty getting used to the routine initially, with the repetition he/she will learn to sleep faster.

Sleeping Props

Many parents prefer to use props like a soft toy or a special blanket to help the baby sleep. Sleeping props pacifies the baby and help him/her to sleep better. As the baby grows up, he/she will get rid of the habit but many babies might develop poor sleeping habits and get used to sleeping props so much so that he/she can find it difficult to sleep without it.

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