Many children dread going to school, fearing they would have to confront their bully. Combat this dilemma as you turn to this article, which provides a few tips on how to handle bullies.

How To Handle A Bully

A roaring lion chases the meekest of deer, catches it by the neck in a matter of seconds and is emancipated from the burden of scavenging for lunch. Yes, the weak always fall prey to the strong. It’s a basic principle of nature. However, this principle does not apply to human beings. We carry a certain air of dignity and are obligated to treat one another as equals. While one man has the ability to pin down a gigantic beast to the floor, the other could have an ability to trace its origin, function and discover its true weakness. Yes, we come in different sizes. While some appear larger in mass, the others are gifted with higher intelligence. So why torture and discriminate an innocent individual based on his/her size? Bullying occurs everywhere. Especially at schools, the mere experience of being bullied traumatizes a child for years and years. Apart from depression, bullying hampers self-confidence and makes school hell for the undeserving victims. Whether it’s physical bullying, coercing the bullied to do the bully’s homework, abusing in public, spreading rumors or blatantly stealing, it is as good as a crime! Teachers and parents must be firm and ensure that the bullies are put in place. Here are a few basic tips on how one should handle a bully.

Dealing With Bullies
As a teacher it is your responsibility to handle the bully and ensure the welfare of all your students. Do not wait for the parents of the bullied to vehemently barge into your classroom and charge you of not taking appropriate actions. Keep an eye on student to student interaction. Before you take action and attempt to scold the concerned bully, investigate. Wander into his/her mind and question. What stimulates him or her to carry on with these atrocious and cruel acts? Where do these aggressive traits stem from? More importantly, why has the bully targeted the victim? Is it jealousy? Once you answer these questions, only then can you move ahead with damage control.
Stress On Equality & Self Worth
As mentioned before, we all come in different sizes. While it is humiliating to be as tiny as a midget, the tall amazons aren’t too comfortable either with their size, until they take on the identity of being powerful. Usually the bigger kids are the ones that take to bullying. A bully spares itself from any kind of teasing in class, by intimidating the rest in the guise of his/her size. As a teacher or parent, let the child know that everybody deserves to be treated as an equal. Size does not matter! It is personality and skills that do! Help him/her discover his/her own self worth so that he/she can discover the worth of everybody else! 
Eliminate All Threats
Bullies bask in the glory of their power and thrive on the splendor of dominating their victims. The poor bullied souls are mortified and try at best to bunk school. They are too scared to let a word out or point fingers at the bully in fear that the bully’s threats may turn into a reality. The moment as parents, you unravel the case of your child’s tormented days, the best move is to contact the teacher or school principal. Threats to destroy belongings and physical assault can be controlled by amicably settling the situation with the parents of the bully. It is of utter importance that you protect your child from all sorts of bullying.
Instill Confidence
Train your kid to believe in himself/herself and to stand up for his/her rights! You aren’t always going to be around to watch him/her. Teach your children the significance of being able to defend themselves. By keeping mum, they will only encourage the bully to prolong the antics! Let your child know these facts of life and nudge him/her to make new friends.

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