Planning to help out an orphan with a secured life? Move forward with this noble idea only after pondering over the disadvantages of adoption. Read on to know the cons of adoption.

Disadvantages Of Adoption

Helen Hunt Jackson once quoted “Motherhood is priced of God, at price no man may dare to lessen or misunderstand”. Motherhood makes a woman complete. It is a pride for a woman to conceive and give to the universe a new beginning, a new hand to contribute. Sadly, there are few women who are not able to conceive due to certain complications. Nevertheless, such women also tend to possess the love, compassion and tenderness of a mother. For women like these who don’t have a child, adoption is a means to give vent to the motherly love and complete the incompleteness. However, adoption is not just about embracing a parentless child and giving him/her a new identification. It is, in fact, an emotional process that demands a lot of patience, determination and will power. Although a noble cause, adoption is a crucial step to take. Therefore, all the aspects of adoption should be considered before making a decision to adopt a child. Read on to learn more about different disadvantages of adoption.
What Are The Disadvantages Of Adoption
Adoption is still a taboo in many conservative societies. Although many couples plan to go for adoption, often strong protests come from immediate family members. There is a notion that because the child does not have the same genes, it will be difficult to bring up the child. The parents who decide to move away from the set societal belief are often criticized.
The child who is being adopted might feel insecure when he/she comes to know that he/she is being adopted. The child might get depressed with the sudden realisation that he/she would be taken away from the orphanage, a place that he/she knows and is comfortable in, to a completely new house that he/she has never been to or knows of.
One of the most common disadvantages of adoption is the process involved. Many couples hesitate to go through the process because of the prolonged time taken. There are a lot of legal hassles that couples need to cross before being able to actually take a child home. Plus, the child might also want to know about his/her original parents, the moment he/she learns about adoption. This might take a longer time to convince the child and to make him/her feel comfortable about the new family.
Cons Of Domestic Adoption
Strict Rules
Domestic adoption is governed by stringent guidelines and the process to qualify as a family to adopt a child is very difficult. The couples are scrutinized very strictly before being given the permission to adopt. Though this is for the welfare of both, the child and the couple planning to adopt, the rules most of the times are off-putting and may act contradictorily to the whole issue of adoption.
Change Of Mind
It might so happen that the biological mother of the child appears suddenly and claims her child back. This is a common happening wherein the biological mother feels a sudden urge to get back to her child. Though there are legal restrictions, this might make the adoptive parents think over their decision.
Cons Of International Adoption
Red Tape And Delays
International adoption involves a great deal of risk and there is every possibility of fraud and scams. Therefore, the legal and other procedures in case of international adoption might take some time.
International adoption may prove to be quite expensive on the adoptive parents. The travel expenses are high and there is no guarantee that the adoptive parents can finish all the formalities in a single visit.
Developmental Setbacks
It might take some time for the orphan, who is from a different culture and living condition, to accept and get adjusted to the sudden change. The child might take some extra time to get accustomed to the new living conditions.
Cons Of Open Adoption
Abuse Of Trust
In case of open adoption, the trust of the biological parents can be misused or manipulated by the adoptive parents for their own whims and fancies.
Potential Disappointment
In an open adoptive set up, the biological parents might get an opportunity to talk, observe and get to know the adoptive parents. This gives place for disappointment when the adoptive family is unable to meet the expectations of the biological parents.

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