Want your baby to play and learn at the same time? Read this article and explore some educational toys for babies. Gift your baby one and watch it grow.

Educational Toys For Babies

Any toy that also helps a child to learn apart from just letting him/her have fun is called an educational toy. Though there has been a debate regarding the explanation, with many saying that every object that falls into the hands of a toddler is an educational toy as the child is learning something by just looking at it, an educational toy is one which helps in learning and also promotes physical and mental development in a child. Today’s children, in particular, are always egged on by their parents to do well in games and studies. As such, educational toys serve as the perfect gift option that one can think of to bring about an improvement in both. And while parents are trying their best to bring about an all round development in their children, the toy manufacturers are also putting greater emphasis in the making of an educational toy. Here are some of the most popular educational toys for kids.
Educational Toys For Kids
Paper Bag Puppet
Recommended for children above three years of age, Paper Bag Puppet is the perfect game which makes a child aware of how to solve a puzzle and identify animals. The game consists of pieces of paper which can be stuck together to form complete shapes of the different animal drawings that come along with the kit. The instructions to be followed are clearly mentioned at the back of the game pack, thus making it easier for the child to make his own animal. The Paper Bag Puppet is not only an art and craft project, the animals which your child makes may also be used by him in different other games like a puppet show.
Loop n Loom
This educational toy consists of thin noodle like strips which can be woven into bags, baskets or wall hangings. Since knitting and sewing are a little risky for a small child for fear of wounding him/her accidentally, the straw like colorful strips may be used in place of wool to make a variety of accessories and decorative items. The instructions and graphic presentation regarding how to make the items are given on the package, thus the child only has to read and follow to make articles of his/his family’s interest. This educational toy is however for a little grown up kid, starting from the age of 5.
Laugh & Learn Learning Puppy
The Laugh and Learn Learning Puppy comes in the form of a soft toy puppy. The different parts of the body of the puppy are stitched on his clothing, so while children play with the toy they can also memorize the parts merely by looking at it. If you press the toy, songs on the English alphabets and numbers are played. Children between 6 months and 3 years of age can play with this Learning Puppy.
My Giant Busy Box
Gifted to children above two years of age, this is yet again your child’s educative art and craft kit. My Giant Busy Box consists of collages, paper cuttings and plasticine dough used for making several animal and other shapes. The collages may also be used to make good looking paper bags. In fact you can decorate your own home with your child’s creations and can also use them as gifts for other children.
Learning Drum
This drum can be used for keeping toddlers right from the age of 3 months entertained and busy. Whenever your kid beats the drum, it will automatically recite the English alphabets or the numbers according to the position where the child has beaten. While your baby will learn his ABCs and 123s, it can also listen to songs that are played, if the mode of the drum is changed to the Interactive Song mode.
What are you waiting for? Buy your child his educational toy today and quicken his/her learning.

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