Carrying a cell phone in school has its own share of pros and cons, which are important to consider for the right decision. Go through the article and take an informed decision.

Cell Phones In School

In early days, children went to school without mobile and of course, they did quite good. In the current era, as the cell phone is becoming an essential part of the life, a discussion on whether or not should a student carry a cell phone in the school becomes necessary. Carrying a cell phone to school has always been a debatable issue. Most of the schools take mobile as a disturbing and disruptive device for the children, which is why they have come out with regulations that do not permit students to carry a mobile in school. However, nowadays, with the increase in the number of crimes and school violence, some parents are in favor of giving mobile to children, so that they can be informed about the child anytime they want. Also at the time emergency, children can inform school or parents about it. The decision of using cell phones in the school totally depends on the school authorities and parents. However, the decision must be taken after the analysis of the pros and cons of the same. In the following lines, we have provided detailed information about the pros and cons of cell phones in school.

Pros And Cons Of Cell Phone In School 

Pros Of Cell Phones In School
  • Parents can be in constant touch with their wards. In case of emergency, mobile phones come as a savior, as the child can inform the parents about the same.  Also, the mere presence of cell phone makes the child easily reachable. It avoids many hazardous happenings to take place. Also, the child feels secured knowing that he/she can contact the parents in case of any emergency. Parents also feel relaxed and easy.
  • Cell phone also comes out as a security device for children. Storing emergency numbers like hospital, police contacts, etc in the phone can really help the child in case of any ill happening. It makes the child more secure.
  • It provides convenience to the children as well as parents to be in contact and update the child in case of any change in routine. In case of any emergency in the family of the child, parents do not have to waste the time in reaching the school and then taking the child. Rather, parents can inform the child on the cell phone as well as the school authorities to send the child.
Cons Of Cell Phones In School
  • Cell phone can prove to be distracting the child’s interest and concentration from the activities of the school. One cannot guarantee that the child will not use cell phone in between the classes. Also, using cell phone in between the classes can be detrimental for the progress of the student. He/she would be more interested in texting a message or changing the caller tune, rather than reading the story or solving a mathematical problem. 
  • Some students may use the cell phone for wrong purpose such as clicking pictures and making videos which are questionable. They may exchange adult stuff which is not good for their developing mind. Children may also use the cell phone for performing some illegal act like theft, etc.
  • A school is the best place for the holistic development of children. School not only uplifts a child academically, but also takes care of the physical, mental and psychological development.
  • School is a social platform, wherein students from all the classes come together to gain academic knowledge. As such, if one student carries a cell phone, it would provoke others to carry it as well. This would cause extra pressure on families which cannot afford to purchase a cell phone. Generally, children of rich parents carry mobile to school, creating a feeling of inequality among other students. Eventually, cell phone would become a device of discrimination among children.
  • Cheating is one of the major drawbacks of the cell phones in school. It can be used as an unfair means of cheating. Children can easily mislead the teachers if they carry a mobile with them. Storing answers in the form of drafts and snaps can be done to befool the teacher.
  • Cell phones also sometimes encourage children to do unlawful act of making false call to police, giving false information, which creates trouble for everybody and also makes a bad impression of the school.
So, these pros and cons of cell phone in the school must be studied carefully before landing on the conclusion.

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