Have you run out of ideas to keep your kid occupied? There are some activities for your 3 year old to keep him busy!

Activities For 3 Year Olds

“We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today”. ~ Stacia Tauscher.
Kids between the ages of 2-5 are at the peak of their development stage. It is the time when they get curious to know why the sky is so high or what will happen if they stand in the rain! This is just the beginning. And what you need to have is some patience and time to take them through their growing years, one step at a time. Toddlers discover new things like naming what they see and the alphabets. The three most elemental changes you can see is: they love nature, books and physical activity. The three year old will have bursts of unexplained energy and will want to do new things every passing minute. But haven’t we all “been there done that”? However, keeping a child constantly occupied has only gotten more complex with time. If it was quite a task back when you were a child, it’s a downright challenge these days and involves a lot of creativity and the art of multitasking! Scan through the text and see how you can be a wonder parent.
Activities For Toddlers
Nursery Rhymes
Channeling a child’s energy into learning things may be quite a challenge but it is well worth a try! Use these nursery rhymes:
  • ABC Song is an easy way to begin as it has a really catchy tune. Initially it would be hard for the kid to pronounce all the letters correctly and they might even skip a few, but with practice they will get the hang of it! Make them do a small dance to keep them entertained.
  • Head, shoulders, knees and toes is fun and boosts the leaning process too. As you teach them the song, point to all the body parts involved in the rhyme and do this for a number of times. By the end of the session, the child would’ve picked it up perfectly!
  • Old McDonalds Farm is a classic and simple nursery rhyme that identifies most of the farm animals. With this rhyme, the kid not only learns the name of the animals but also the sound each one of them makes. Get a DVD to back up the rhyme with pictures of the animals to make it more fun.
  • There are puzzles available with anything you can name – animals, birds, shapes, colours, people, cartoon characters, numbers, letters etc.
  • Invest in a puzzle piece of about 6-8 pieces and not more as it might not hold the attention of the toddler.
  • Puzzles also teach a lot. For example, a puzzle with a forest scene is bound to have trees, birds and animals. And this will tell the child what is found in that particular place.
  • Children at this age like to draw or, what you might call, scribble! But, this is the age for them to develop their interests.
  • Give them a book and crayons and let them do what they like.
  • After a few days, you draw on one side and make them copy the drawing and colour it on the opposite side.
Other activities could include:
  • Painting with water paints
  • Reading magazines and books
  • Gardening
  • Counting numbers
  • Making e-cards

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