Before you use any health product, herb or drug, it’s advisable to make yourself aware of their common side effects. In this section, check out the negative i.e. harmful effects of all the major products.

Side Effects Of Drinking Soda

Drinking soda is not at all healthy and has its fair share of side effects. Go through this article and learn all about the risks of drinking soda.

Night Shift Health Effects

Night shift disrupts the whole biological cycle of an individual. Read on to find out the adverse health effects of Irregular work shifts.

Fish Oil Side Effects

Though fish oil is known to have manifold advantages, it does have side effects too. To know what are the dangers of fish oil, read on.

Creatine Side Effects

Though creatine has been linked to a number of side effects, none of them have been effectively proved till date. Read on to explore the alleged dangers or negative effects of creatine.

Dangers Of Energy Drinks

The energy drinks which claim to provide instant energy can have some serious side effects on your body. Read on to find out about the dangers and side-effects of the energy drinks.

Dangers Of Diet Pills

Diet Pills, which promise quick and effortless weight loss, have been associated with a number of side effects. Check out the dangers of weight loss medicines.

Whey Protein Side Effects

Whey protein is one of the most favorite supplements of body builders. Check out the harmful side effects of Whey Protein.

Vitamin C Overdose

As we all know, Vitamin C is really good for health, however, overdose could be a little problematic. Check out more about side effects of Vitamin C overdose.

Risks Of Weight Loss Surgery

It is always advisable to check out all possible risks, side effects and complications before going for weight loss surgery.

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