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Cufflinks for Men

Cufflinks are absolutely stylish accessories for men and come in trendy designs. Check out designer diamond cuff links trends for men.

Choosing The Right Perfume

With so many fragrances in the market, choosing the right perfume for your body might seem like a Herculean task. Read these quick tips to know how to select/ choose the right perfume for yourself.

How To Buy Shoes

Are you wondering how to buy a nice pair of shoes? Take note of the following tips for buying shoes so as to get the best shopping deal.

French Luxury Brands In India

With a host of French brands already making their presence felt in the Indian market, another French brand, Jean Claude Biguine, is set to mark its territory here.

How to Buy A Tie

Tie is an important part of man’s wardrobe. Here are some useful tips on how to buy a necktie.

Best Diamond Brands In India

The best diamond brands in India include Adora, Tanishq, Kiah, Nirvana and D'damas. To know more about top Indian diamond retailers, read on.

How To Choose Eye Glasses

Choosing eyewear is not as difficult as it seems. Read this article and get acquainted about how to choose right eyeglasses / sunglasses.

False Eyelashes

False eyelashes bring about a drastic change to any face, making your eyes look more attractive. Get more information about how to use and apply fake eyelashes.

Shoes Fashion In 2008

To know the latest fashion and trend in shoe market in 2008, read the article given below.

Women's Winter Fashion

Read what’s hot on the fashion front in women / female clothing this winter season. Mix and match creatively to catch up on the latest fashion trends of 2008.

Designer Belts

Designer belts, the latest fashion accessories to be found in the wardrobes of women, present one of the best ways to jazz up the simplest of dresses.

Nakshatra Diamonds

Nakshatra Diamonds, one of the brands owned by the Gitanjali Group, enjoys great patronage by the customers in the Indian diamond jewelry market.

Wardrobe Essentials For Women

Check out the top five wardrobe essentials for women and girls and know what the must-haves of your wardrobe are.

Latest Stories

Thewa Jewelry

Thewa is among the most magnificent traditional jewelry style of India. Thewa is famous for its intricate designing, embellishments and the variety of colors that it comes in.

Types Of Handbags

A handbag is not merely a style statement but is an absolute necessity for women. Browse though the article to know about each type of handbag available in the market.

Tips To Improve Elasticity In Aging Skin

Improving skin elasticity necessitates proper dietary routine and certain health care regimen to be followed. Scroll down for some fine tips to improve elasticity in aging skin.

Tips For Acne Free Skin

Are you worried about acne and pimples that are ruining the beauty and glow of your skin? Are you keen to get rid of them quickly? Read this article to get skincare tips for acne prone skin.

Tips For Younger Looking Skin

Daydreaming cannot get you younger looking skin; however, dedicating some time could help you achieve it. Read this article and get some useful tips on how to get younger looking skin.

Modern Greek Fashion

The genesis of much of the fashion that we see today goes back to ancient Greek. Read this article to know more about modern Greek fashion and designs.

Easiest Way To Tie A Tie

Getting late for an important business meeting but are in a fix as you don’t know how to tie a tie? Read this article on easiest way to tie a tie and learn yourself!

What Color Eyeshadow For Brown Eyes

Check out what eye shadow color suits brown eyes, with the plethora of ideas listed in this piece. Try them for an enhanced look!

Short Hair Prom Styles

Got a prom to attend tonight? Steer through this article and perfect your prom dress with a trendy short hairstyle. Find ideas for short hair prom styles herein.

How To Tie A Double Windsor

Give your tie a more balanced knot and a polished look by learning how to tie a double Windsor knot. Follow the instructions illustrated in the article for tying a perfect a double Windsor.

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