Wii offers a host of interesting games to keep your child busy and entertained. Explore this piece to know more on the some of the best Wii games for kids.

Wii Games For Kids

If seeing your child play video games makes you go ballistic, Nintendo Wii games should be the key for you and your kid. This is because Nintendo Wii has taken the video games market by storm with its futuristic controller and new types of games. Where traditional video game systems offer game play through a game pad or joystick sans physical interaction between players and the game, Wii succeeded in bringing certain changes. Its unique interface with an innovative and interactive wireless motion-sensing remote requires the participant to physically move around rather than just press buttons on a control pad. The freedom afforded by the wireless remote allows the player to become more engaged in the action of the game. Will Wii be detrimental for your child? Perish the thought as this games console enables you to exercise parental guidance. With no intricate modes in it, it is very safe and enjoyable for the kids to play a host of games with some amount of physical activity involved. Go ahead and surprise your child with a Wii. Enlisted below are some of the best Wii games for kids that you will find useful.

Best Wii Games For Kids

Mario Kart 
Mario Kart is an exciting game and is best for those who enjoy racing. Mario and his friends take through the tracks in their very own mushroom kingdom. The enhanced graphics and innovative tools add to the fun and excitement of the racing experience. The Wii wheel transforms the Wii remote into a steering wheel allowing better control. The game ensures hours of fun not just for your kid, but for the whole family as it is extremely easy to use. 

Cosmic Family
Nintendo lists ‘Cosmic Family’ in the genre of education and games. The supposed action is not intense as expected for three to five year olds. This game comprises of mini games and exploration. The Wii remote works as a magic wand. Cosmic Family is a one game player game that suits only the youngest of children.

Boom BloxBash Party 
If you are looking for a game that lasts long, the ‘Boom Blox Bash Party’ will suit your needs very well. It provides a whole lot of action, puzzles and group experience. Did you know that Steven Spielberg contributed in developing this game? During the game, players aim at break blox using tools like slingshots and cannons. With more than four hundred levels taking players from the sea to outer space, this game is a good bet for your kid.
Zack And Wiki - Quest For Barbaro’s Treasure 
This game features Zack the pirate whom kids above six years of age guide through a quest to become the best pirate. Though ‘Zack And Wiki’ is a one-player game, it features puzzles as well as action which can be figured out together with friends.
Animal Crossing 
This Wii game is suited for kids of all ages. Your child has a virtual experience of a slow moving and relaxed lifestyle in this game. Players can furnish their homes, chat with neighbors and befriend people in this village.
Ultimate I Spy 
If you want to give your kid more of mental exercise, ‘Ultimate I Spy’ may work for you. A 3-D environment is replicated in this game in which children get to solve riddles in addition to searching for hidden items. This game will require two kids to play simultaneously.
Nintendo Wii games emphasize on real-life movements such as hitting a baseball, pedaling a bicycle and jumping in the air for the kids to play the games. With the abovementioned information on best Wii games for kids, you can easily find a fun and challenging game for your kid.

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