How to save YouTube videos is one of the frequently asked questions. This article will give you all the information on how to save those YouTube videos you simply can’t stay without.

How To Save YouTube Videos

YouTube says “broadcast yourself”! That pretty much sums up the site! From random tips on day to say stuff to movie clips to rare music videos et all – what would the new generation do without this wonder site? This famous streaming media has been around for quite a while and the good thing is that it’s free for all – free sign up, view and even uploading. And uploading as well as subscribing to the videos is a common sight. But if you are wondering how to download videos from here onto your personal computer, then we will guide you carefully through each step. Alien terms like YouTube downloader software and YouTube player software will be clearly explained in layman’s terms in the following lines. All this effort to make sure you have what you want even when you don’t have a 24x7 network connection.  So, wait no more – read on for all the tips you need to save your favourite YouTube videos on your system.
Saving YouTube Videos
Be aware that YouTube does not like you to download and save videos from their website. It only allows you to share the video and invite the folks you want to share the video with. But there is a way out. Read on.
  • First thing you have to do is to go to YouTube website.
  • Once you have reached the website, find your favourite video. Play the video. And wait for the video to finish playing.
  • Next to the right side of the video, you will notice a small box that will contain the URL. Look harder if you cannot notice it right away. It is usually a very long link. All you have to do is to highlight the link and copy this URL. Just right click on the URL, and click “copy” and voila! The URL is saved for you.
  • The next step would be to open a new tab or a new window and paste the URL in the address bar. You will see a couple of websites that will save the video for you.
  • Now, right click the download link and choose the “save target as” option. Always download the FLV files. This ensures that when you download the file you can use Real Player to play the video without any hassle whatsoever.
  • If you do not have Real Player installed in your system you can download it within a few minutes from the internet sites. And if you want to play the video from the YouTube on yoru iPod, mp3 player or even your mobile phone then you would also be interested to download the FLV convertor in your system.
  • Downloading these YouTube videos is usually a rapid task and the videos do not take up much space also. Unless your network is really slow it will only take you a few minutes. These videos are usually 1 MB and not more.
  • Always check the video you just saved on your system to see if it’s downloaded properly. Enjoy your video now.
  • Another option, which is not so much recommended, is to convert your videos online and download. This can be done by visiting sites like or etc. But these sites are slow and you should be prepared to get surprised with broken links and errors etc. Unless you have a flash player (FLV) like VLC player or real player, do not choose this option.

With the aforementioned tips your problem of YouTube downloads must be effectively solved. But before you proceed to the task, please make sure that you are not downloading and saving videos for future misuse. The copyright laws of YouTube are pretty stern with very few loopholes. As long as the intent is entertainment, we are here for you. Enjoy watching!

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