Kids love their games best when they are played at camps. Breeze through this article for unique and educational ideas on camp games for kids.

Camp Games For Kids

Have you ever seen a kid at play? Well, if you have, chances are high that you may have also noticed the sheer glee on his face, while he goes about doing what he loves doing best. Yes, games can really have such an effect on kids. To a kid, a game is about salvation. To a kid, a game is about celebrating freedom and the fun moments of life. It is these celebrations that make games and all things associated with them so much fun. Talking about games, few games can come with as much as fun as camp games do. Camp games help install varying doses of fun in a kid’s life! Life, after all, is all about learning to have a fun, and you can be sure kids believe in living their lives this way. Here’s presenting a handful of ideas on camp games for kids. With the successful implementation of these ideas, it really is non-stop entertainment, guaranteed.
Camp Game Ideas For Kids
The Burst Of The Balloon
This game idea really comes with a whole lot of fun. If it didn’t, it wouldn’t really be a part of this compilation. You can put this game idea together by asking all the kids involved to form a circle and wait patiently for what is to come. You will then have to write down a few funny things to do or talk about on pieces of paper and then add these pieces of paper to as many balloons as there are kids. Blow up the balloons, give the kids a balloon each and ask them to sit on their respective balloons. The kid whose balloon bursts first should be asked to do whatever is written on his or her piece of paper. The kid whose balloon bursts next should be then asked to do whatever his or respective piece of paper instructs him or her to do, and so the game goes on. The kid who manages to ensure that his or her balloon doesn’t burst is the winner of this game!
Apples On Ropes
This game idea is a two player game idea and is best played with apples and ropes. The game begins when you tie an apple to one end of a rope and hand it over to ‘kid 1', and ‘kid 2’ then makes sincere attempts to eat the apple. While this may seem extremely easy, it really is not. This is because the kid, who is holding the rope, shouldn’t really hold the apple with his hands and the kid who is eating the apple should only eat the apple with his or her mouth. To increase competition amongst the kids, you can divide the group of kids into pairs of two. The pair that manages to eat the apple first automatically wins the game.
Treasure Hunt
You cannot really have a successful camp for kids without a good and hearty game of treasure hunt. To play treasure hunt, you will first need to hide treasure all over the camp area or wherever it is you would like the game to be played. Treasure here can be anything from dolls and toy cars to stamps and coins. When coming up with ideas for the treasure, make it a point to use as much creativity as you possibly can. You can then continue the game by giving the kids directions from one location to the other. Location here is all about where each item of treasure is located. However, you don’t need to be too precise with your directions. In fact, the vaguer you get with your directions the better the game. 

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