Do you want to learn how to make instant coffee? If yes, navigate through this piece to learn two simple ways of making instant coffee.

How To Make Instant Coffee

A cup of hot, aromatic coffee after a long and hard day at work is not only welcoming, but bouncy and refreshing as well. It brings back the energy in you and infuses life into your tired brain. However, what do you do if you do not know how to make instant coffee when you want it? Yes, knowing how to prepare instant coffee can at times prove to be very useful. This is especially true for people who just can’t start their day without a cup of piping hot coffee. Knowing how to make instant coffee is like icing on the cake for such people. It was George C Washington who invented instant coffee in the year 1906, and since then the method has been used to prepare aromatic and flavoured cups of coffees worldwide. Mentioned below are a few instant coffee making methods and tips that will help you in your process of making coffee instantly. Read on to learn more.

Instant Coffee Recipe

Method 1
  • Put water into a kettle after measuring it for the desired amount of coffee and plug the kettle in for the water to heat up. If you don’t have a kettle, put water in a pot and bring it to a boil over the stove. You can even make use of a microwave oven to heat the water.
  • Take the coffee powder of your choice and put one round teaspoon of it in a mug. Again the amount of coffee powder to be put  in the mug depends upon the number of cups you want to make.
  • Now pour the hot water into the mug that contains the coffee powder. Remember to pour water that is just enough to dampen the instant coffee powder. If you drink coffee with sugar, put in the required amount of sugar and then stir the coffee with a metal spoon for the sugar to blend well with the coffee powder.
  • Now pour the rest of the hot water into the mug and then add some fresh whole milk to the mix. You can also use milk powder if you wish to.
  • If you wish to have a cup of flavoured coffee, you can feel free to add vanilla extract, cocoa powder or ground cinnamon into the mug at this point in time. After adding the flavour of your choice, stir the coffee thoroughly for the ingredients to dissolve properly.
  • Your instant coffee is now ready.
Method 2
  • Another simpler way of preparing instant coffee is to heat up the water in a kettle, stove or microwave and then pour it into a mug.
  • Put 2 tablespoons of sugar and a teaspoon of instant coffee into the mug of hot water and let the ingredients stand for a while.
  • Once the water is heated up, pour in the desired amount into a cup. Add in a creamer or any flavour of your choice and stir well for all the ingredients to blend properly.
  • You can now enjoy your cup of instant coffee.
  • It is advisable to heat up the milk before you add it to the coffee. This will hasten the process and will also make the coffee taste better.
  • The measurements depend upon the number of cups you want to prepare and on an individual’s taste.
  • Sugar, cream and flavouring agents should be measured in a cup or teaspoon before adding it to the water.
  • You can store instant coffee in the freezer in an air-tight container to preserve its fresh aroma.
  • You can use artificial sweeteners instead of sugar if you wish to.

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