Don’t call in the FBI every time you think someone might be lying to you. Rather, read this article about detecting lies through body language and catch them red handed.

Lying Body Language

One doesn’t need a polygraph machine to speculate when a person mouths one thing and his/her gestures and hand movements blurt out a totally different thing. One just needs to be observant enough to understand the finesse of what a person’s body may be suggesting while he/ she speaks. The language of the body gives away a lot more than we perceive, and the language of the mouth says a lot less than we imagine. Body language is a form of non-verbal communication wherein body posture, body gestures, facial expressions, and eye movements play the part of words. Such is the ease at which our body speaks its own language that most of the time we aren’t even aware of what we meant to say and what we ended up saying. As it is said – those working too close a project can’t observe or look at what is wrong with it. It’s only those who’re working at some distance that are able to see the whole picture and observe the minutest of subtleties related to it. There’s a reason why FBI puts its trust on a body language specialist while interrogating someone - body language always says the truths, or rather, blurts out. However, that does not imply you call in an FBI every time you think someone is lying. Read this article about detecting lies through body language and turn yourself into a walking polygraph machine.
Detecting Lies Through Body Language
Observe Body Posture
Observing the way a person is sitting gives away a lot more than what he/she thinks. If the person seems uncomfortable and keeps getting up a little and then sits back down, he’s definitely uncomfortable about something and it’s almost a certainty that it’s not the chair. Also, if he’s sitting in an uptight position and seems ready to take off to the moon, he’s definitely up to something. However, if the concerned person is completely relaxed and not at all panicky, you can take a deep breath and relax, for either he’s not lying or is too good a liar, and you won’t be able to catch him anyways.
Observe Body Gestures
Observe the way the person moves his hands while he’s talking. If he touches his face, nose, and throat, or keeps setting his hair straight, or keeps touching or scratching on his beard or behind the ear, or just keeps waving his hands in the air for no reason whatsoever, it’s an indication that he might be lying. And if he’s relaxed, then you start scratching your head, for either he’s a pro or he was just playing with you by telling the truth and nothing, but the truth, while moving his hands just to fiddle with you.
Observe Facial Expressions
Observe the person under scrutiny for facial expressions. If he uses too many of them to answer a simple question, and thinks of himself as Tom Cruise, then there’s definitely something fishy about it. Observe closely his eyebrows, lip movement and whether his overall expressions coordinate with what he is saying.
Observe Eye Movement
Avoiding eye contact is a sure shot sign of keeping a secret from the person in front. While speaking, if the person looks everywhere from ceiling to the floor, except at you, something is definitely amiss. Also, you wouldn’t want a person to stare right through your eyes, as that would mean making you uncomfortable.
These ways of detecting lies through body language are sure to make you a terror in the eyes of liars. Let the liars be beware!

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