If you are really up to it then wooing a girl won’t really be much of a nightmare. Read below to know how to woo a girl.

How To Woo A Girl

Many guys would simply sacrifice their right arm to know the secret mantra of wooing a girl. The myth is that there is one confirmed recipe in wooing a girl. The truth is that there are as many ways of wooing a girl as there are girls on this planet. However, there are a few cardinal rules that assure success, which if followed is perhaps the only difference between a playboy and a hermit. For those who feel that wooing a girl is harder than climbing a mountain without ropes should know that the two things that  are most often blamed for rejection—looks and money—are not the only reason. Looks and money do matter but they are not as significant as say a caring attitude. First you should decide whether you want a girl to become a stable anchor in your life or like Hugh Hefner a harem full of bunnies on steroids. If you are rooting for the latter then the solution is easy. You need just to empty your pockets. For the average Joe though whose life is not that colorful wooing a girl should not be the stuff of dreams. The most important thing that counts is not to pretend, be what one is. And be honest in your approach. To know more on how you can successfully woo a girl read the tips given below on how you can do so.

Wooing A Girl

  • To woo a girl you must show that you are interested in her and that too in not a brazen manner. You have to practice the art of subtly letting her know that she is the center of your interest. Let her feel that you are happy and elated to meet and talk to her. In most cases the girl would be more open once she feels that you are honestly interested in knowing about her.
  • Nothing conveys honesty better than talking while looking straight into her eyes. This will also make her realise that are interested in her. Looking straight into the eyes and talking is also the best way to show confidence.
  • The qualities that a girl esteems the most in guys are a sensitive and caring nature. Make sure that you show your soft side to her. Uplift her when she is feeling down and make her laugh when she is angry or feeling lost. As much as possible, without intruding, try to be her emotional guide and anchor.
  • Always be the first to initiate matters. Most girls like their guys to take the lead. Don’t accept her to come as forthright as you.  You are the one who should ask your girl to a date, for walks, meeting or simply talking. If she is interested in you then she will respond to all your requests.
  • Avoid overtly sexual and obnoxious pick up lines. They won’t get you anywhere unless you know the girl properly. Better go for smart and intelligent conversation.
  • A great sense of humor is always a boon in wooing girls. Girls love those who make them laugh. But don’t be desperate to sound humorous and act like a fool or worse a clown.
  • Always maintain your cool even if you feel the girl is rebuffing your advances. Be patient and don’t accept to get in her good books at the first try. It is natural for the girl to resist at the start. However, if you are patient and doggedly pursue her, she may respect your persistence and gradually come around to you.
  •  Always be on your best, whether in you looks, dressing, personality or speech. You can never woo a girl with vulgar manners. Be courteous and display the best etiquette.
The tips on wooing a girl listed above will guide you to successfully attract the girl you fancy and make her your mate.

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