Fear is a feeling that none of us can avoid, even if we want to. But we can always try to overcome our fear. Here’s how you can do it.

How To Overcome Fear

Can you disagree with the fact that you have experienced fear of anything or any kind at least once in a lifetime? Every single person on this earth has felt fear at a certain point of time in his life. Though fear is an emotion that we would best like to avoid, it creeps up every once in a while. It is true that you cannot avoid fear, but you can certainly follow tips that will help you to remain level-headed in situations that can otherwise make you scared. Fear is the natural response of every human being when he is placed in a situation that he has not been waiting for or has not experienced before. Sometimes, a sense of shame and insecurity also leads to development of fear within a person’s mind. Fear is often the result of aggravated tensions and an agitated mind. It is very important to know the reasons of your fear if you have to overcome it. So to kill fear you have to first identify the source of that fear. Here are some tips to overcome fear.


Overcoming Fear


Understand Your Fear

Try to understand why you fear or what causes you to fear. Only when you have identified the source of your fear can you start on the process of overcoming it. You can start by listing all your fears on your notepad and then striking them off once you have overcome them.


Breathe Deep

Taking deep breaths when you are scared or worried helps you relax to a great extent. Make sure that you exhale longer than you inhale. Fear will automatically reduce since you will also calm down. This can also help you to think things out effectively. Breathing exercises can be practiced during meditation.


Chalk Out A Plan & Be Positive

Always have a plan for situations which may not bring you certain results. For instance, you may be afraid to attend an interview in fear of being rejected. You may also fear a date for similar reasons or may feel scared about losing your job as you do not know how life will be after that. But in all these situations, you can chalk out a plan beforehand, a plan which will bring you favorable results and thus kill all fears. Though plans do not work always, a positive attitude always does, therefore think positive in every walk of life.


Confront Your Fears

Many people are scared of something specific, like being in the dark or driving or swimming. If you too fall in the same category, make it a point to learn the thing that you fear doing. Even if you fail once or twice, don’t give up on your hope and practice hard to overcome your fear. Switch off the lights when you are alone in a room and see what happens. You can be assured that nothing is going to attack you! Once when you have confronted your fear by actually performing the same thing that you fear, you will successfully kill your fear.


Boost Up Confidence

Sometimes, fear is the result of extreme low belief in oneself and low confidence. Practice exercises which help to boost self confidence. For example, you can stand in front of the mirror and pretend to speak to a stranger, so that you do not have to fear mingling with a new group of people the next time you come across one. This exercise can also help you overcome stage fright.


Seek Medical Help

If nothing seems to be working for you and you still feel intermittently scared, there is no harm in seeking medical help, for who knows, after a couple of sessions, you might actually be able to ward off your fear. Nowadays, there are psychiatrists who help people to overcome their fear and shortcomings. However, resort to this, only when all the above have failed.


Do not feel afraid; always know that there is an end to every fear. Keep the scary ghosts at bay and enjoy life the way it is meant to be enjoyed! Also, check out these inspiring quotes that will help you face your fears.

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