Before you start flirting with someone via text message, read on to know what tips you should remember and follow religiously.

Text Flirting

Sharing information via text message has become one of the most popular modes of communication in present times. Today, by the word ‘text’ we always refer to a message shared between two mobile numbers. However, things were not the same but a few years ago as text then meant what somebody wrote on a piece of paper! A text message, today, is not only used by people to share official information, it is also used as a means of casual talk. The youth often makes use of text messages to flirt with one another. Many a times you may be drawn to a person, but you are not sure of the exact way to speak to him/her freely. A text message is the perfect solution to this problem. A text allows you to speak as well as win the attention of the person that you are flirting with. However, you need to be extremely careful while flirting with a person over text messages. Here are some do’s and don’ts of text flirting.
Tips For Text Flirting
Confirm the number
The first thing that you need to remember when text flirting is to confirm the number that you are sending the message to. You do not want to be embarrassed!
Know The Text Language
Be aware of the abbreviations used in contemporary times so that there is no communication gap between you and the person you are flirting with.
Don’t Be Too Bold
Even though you are flirting, make sure that you do not use a language that is too bold. A text that is too bold in the initial stages of conversation can actually scare away your partner! S/he may also demand an explanation later that may put your relation in jeopardy.
Wait Before You Reply
Try not to reply immediately. The rule for text flirting is to wait for at least 2 to 10 minutes before flirting back. This will make the other person wait eagerly for your reply and later cherish your message.
Show Humor While Flirting
Crack jokes when you are flirting with your partner. Humor always helps break the ice and draws two people close.
Talk About Common Interests
When text flirting, try to talk about the common interests that both of you share. This keeps a conversation going. It will also make you aware of what your date should comprise of the next time you both meet.
Give Space
If you do not get a reply within ten minutes, it does not mean that you have to send your message again. The same message sent more than once may be annoying to the receiver. Also, it demeans the value of the message. Remember that the last thing you want to do is to make the receiver angry.
Write Compliments
It is always advisable to add a compliment or two with your flirty text. This is especially true in case of boys who are flirting with girls through text messages. Girls love compliments, both genuine and fake ones! Words like ‘cutie’ or ‘beautiful’ tends to set the mood for a flirtatious conversation and doesn’t cost much.
Be Yourself
You do not have to pretend to be someone else to flirt. Flirt just like you would want to. Remember, pretence cannot be carried on for a long time and sooner or later, the real you would come out in front of the other person.
Remember To Call
After a few weeks of flirting, do not forget to call your text flirting partner. This will make him/her feel that you are serious and may open the door to a relationship.
So remember to keep these text tips in mind while you start flirting! 

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