Don’t rush away abandoning the world every time you feel nervous. Instead, read this article and learn what to do when nervous.

What To Do When Nervous

First and foremost, can you sit a little closer to the screen? If you can do that without biting your nails off, chances are you only get nervous about certain things. But if there’s warfare going inside your mind with questions - “why did they ask me this question”, “what’s their purpose”, or “what should I do now” - flying away like bullets; you just need to calm down and be at ease. The reason we asked that question was just to make you aware of the level of jittering nervousness you possess. And if it’s any consolation (which it most probably will be) we all, and by we, we mean all of us still get nervous about one thing or the other. While a little nervousness is always good to keep you in check lest you fly off the hook, it’s the nerve-wracking panic attack that you need to shake off your body. It may be clichéd but that doesn’t make it false - it’s all in the head. It is okay to feel nervous about an important job interview, about the first date, about getting married, about having the first child and so on but it is not okay to feel nervous over prolonged periods about littlest things that have grown colossally in your mind. Over-the-counter drugs may seem like an answer, but they aren’t. Self help is the answer even if doesn’t seem like. Continue reading and know about how to deal with nervousness.
How To Deal With Nervousness
Positive Visualization
You’ll have to put your foot down for this. Stop putting yourself in situations that aren’t even in the vicinity. Don’t go crazy over visualizing about what may or may not happen at a certain happening that is two months away from now. Over the period, there’ll be so much hype and pressure built up inside your mind that you’ll end up losing it totally. If you must imagine, imagine only about positive outcomes and force yourself into it through practice. It’s attainable.
Breathing Exercises
Inhale! Take a deep one in! Exhale! Take a deep one out! Repeat! Feeling better aren’t you? Deep breathing exercises help you release anxiety and stress. Go out to the park and get one with nature. Practice few minutes of deep breathing as a regular schedule. Taking up yoga classes or professional classes for breathing exercises and concentrating on diaphragmatic breathing will help you let go and loosen up. So next time when you face a tough situation, just breathe in and out and help yourself calm down your senses!
Open Up
Try to open yourself to your family members and friends. Spend time with them, hang out and do stuff together. Connect to your close ones. It’ll help you feel secure and supported. Talking about your anxieties and problems with someone who’s close to you will get that monkey off your back and those watching your back will help you deal with situations in the heroic of ways.
Eat, Workout & Rest
Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet, instead of caffeine and canned food. Include physical workout (gyming or normal exercises) in your routine instead of wresting with your own mind. Include a good 8-hour sleep on a daily basis and out your mind to rest. Including all these things will refresh your mind and body and help you exclude nervous energy out of your system.
These ways of how to deal with nervousness are sure to add an all-new dimension of bravura to your personality.

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