Have you been eyeing that pretty damsel who has just taken up an apartment next to yours? Do you like her? Then how about flirting with her? Get some tips on how to flirt with a girl you like.

How To Flirt With A Girl You Like

Most of the guys think that they are masters of flirting, until girls rudely remind them that they are going nowhere. This is because most of the would-be Romeos consider flirting as simply following the girl with their eyes or brazenly going up to her, and asking for her number. Needless to say, scorn and disgust are the mildest expression that guys meet with, if not a prompt physical assault. Those who are known to have their way with girls will tell you that flirting is, in fact, an art where success depends on how you approach the girl and hold her attention. It is like getting on top of a mountain, not on a chopper but slowly climbing the way to the top. When it comes to flirting with the girl whom you like, then the risks are manifold. For one thing you have to be persistent, while, at the same time, take utmost care not to make any mistake that would ruin your chances. If flirting is alien territory to you, then this article will help you to flirt with the girl whom you covet. Read further to know more.  
Flirting With A Girl You Like
  • Flirting can be a pretty serious business. So, it is natural that you may feel nervous and jittery about it. First relax your mind and try to concentrate on the fun element involved in it. Remember that flirting makes a girl feel attractive. Be confident and try to concentrate less on the final outcome.
  • Look for an opportunity and if you can’t find it wait for one. The main thing that you should consider is the mood in which your girl is. If she is feeling down or busy in something else, then you better back off the plans and wait for her to be in a jovial mood. At the appropriate moment, start a conversation. If she doesn’t respond then try again.
  • While speaking, you should maintain steady eye contact. However, that does not mean you simply hold your gaze and stare at her incessantly, making her uncomfortable. When you maintain a decent eye contact, it shows that you are confident in what you are doing.
  • Your conversation should be casual and playful at the start. Only when you feel that the girl is getting comfortable should you move towards a romantic direction. While doing so, don’t be direct as the success of the flirting depends on double meanings and innuendo. The trick is to imply what you are not saying.
  • Another technique is to use your body language to convey your intent. Your body language should also reflect your confidence. Maintain a calm and confident posture - stand casually with the feet slightly apart or sit while leaning back. Your movements shouldn’t be quick and jerky as it will show nervousness. Rather use broad gestures. Don’t clench your fists and fidget. Slouching is a big no-no.
  • Don’t drag on the conversation. Bid adieu when you both are still enjoying the flirting. You should also close the conversation by thanking her for a wonderful time and telling her that the two of you should meet again. In case you ask her out, make sure you have a proper plan with you. Even if it going to a restaurant or for a cup of coffee, know which place you would be taking her.

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