Good memory comes with a lot of practice and not just any practice, but effective practice. Dive deep into this article to gain access to information on popular memorization techniques.

Memorization Techniques

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could remember everything you come across and just not forget what you don’t want to forget? From faces to numbers and everything else in between, wouldn’t it be simply extraordinary to not forget all of these and more? Well, in an ideal world, remembering everything that you just don’t want to forget shouldn’t be a problem. Sadly, however, we don’t live in an ideal world and good memory always is an issue. Nevertheless, every black cloud has a silver lining and here the silver lining comes in the form of different memorization techniques. While memorization techniques can help you remember a lot more than you could have without them, it doesn’t mean that they will help you to never forget. To get the best out of memorization techniques, it is essential to put them to the test and see how much of what they have to offer! Go ahead and read on to know more about the most popular memorization techniques.

Techniques For Memorization

Chunks And Chunks
Chunking, arguably, is one of the oldest and most popular methods of memorizing information. When you use the technique of chunking to memorize information or material for study, you approach the same in a very unique manner. To easily remember things using this method, you will have to group and sub-group information. This method or technique also works best when the order of the items you are asked to memorize is not important. For example, if you have to remember the number 6719092378, you can try remembering it by breaking it into separate bits which can look like this 671, 909, 23 and 78. By doing something like this, remembering the number becomes so much easier. You can apply this same logic to larger pieces of information and study material! 

Rhymes And Chimes
You may not be aware of this fact, but did you know that you have a natural tendency to remember rhymes? However, coming across rhymes when you are trying to remember boring information from a boring looking text book can be pretty difficult. To make it work for you, you can try figuring out a way to add rhymes to what you are trying to remember. At first, this may seem like quite an ordeal, but with practice and in time, you are bound to get better at using the advantages of using rhymes!

Bed-Time Memories
Under this technique of memorizing information, you will learn to use the advantages of sleep. You can begin by first relaxing and not really worrying about anything. Once you have done this, you can go ahead and write down things that are to be remembered on a piece of paper. Read what you’ve written down on the piece of paper at least twice and if possible aloud. Now, without really worrying about remembering what you have read, hit the sack. The chances of remembering what you read the next morning are really as high as the skies. This is because when you sleep, your mind plays an effective role by arranging the information in an organized and systematic manner, which makes it easy for you to recall what is to be recalled!

Try Not To Try
When you consciously make efforts to remember something, it gets pretty tough to remember whatever it is that you are trying to remember. However, when you try not to try to remember any particular thing, suddenly memorizing becomes a lot easier. If you are not willing to believe this fact of life, you can feel free to put it to the test. You can do this by very effortlessly going through random information; you will find it easier to remember it this way. It becomes easier for you to remember information this way because you are less stressed and feel lot less the pressure to consciously remember information!

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