There are a number of dance types and styles across the world. Find out information on various kinds of dances.

How To Give A Lap Dance

Lap dance is a very sensuous form of dance style. Here we present instructions on how to give a lap dance.

Learn How To Grind Dance

Grind dancing is the latest trend practiced by the youths at nightclubs. To learn how to grind dance, read the article given below.

Ideas For Asking To A Dance

After going to a formal party, have you ever wondered how to ask someone for a dance? If your answer is yes, read on further and explore some ideas and ways for asking to a dance.

Famous Dancers

Many Indian dancers, both classical and contemporary, have received international recognition. Check out the list of famous dancers of India.

Merengue Dance Steps And Timing

Merengue Dance is the official music and dance of the Dominican Republic (East Hispaniola). With the given-below steps and timing, learn how to dance Merengue.

History Of Latin Dance

Latin Dance, in itself, is a comprehensive term that covers almost all dances from Latin America. Read further to get information on the history and origin of Latin Dance.

Liquid Dancing

Liquid dancing basically involves the flexible movement of the body as if it was made of liquid. Check out the history and origin of liquid dance.

Hip Hop Dancing

Hip Hop dancing is all about creative dance, regardless of any technical movements. Read further about history & origin of Hip Hop Dance.


Breakdance is a very expressive form of dancing that increases flexibility of the body. Check out the history and origin of break dancing.

Krump Dancing

Krump Dancing, or Krumping, is a very energetic form of dance. In this article, we will tell you all about Krump Dance, including its history and origin.

What Is Belly Dance

Belly dance immediately reminds one of elaborately dressed voluptuous women sensuously swaying to the music. Read about belly dancing origination, its significance and variants.

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