Want to know whether that beautiful girl sitting right across your desk is flirting with you or not? Browse through this article to detect certain signs indicating how women flirt.

How Women Flirt

Flirting has become almost a form of art nowadays. It’s not just men, who flirt in order to try their luck at one of the womens, women, too, have indulged in the common practice of executing signals of interest with perfect timing. But unlike men, who are habitual of flirting openly, women, on the other hand, are quite subtle and avoid flirting in the open. Plus, flirting is only half battle won. In order to know whether she is really into you and make a good rapport with her, you need to recognize certain signs when she is flirting with you. It’s the gestures, words, and moves that she portrays which you need to count on to ensure as to whether or not your girl feels the same way for you as you think she does. Read through the lines in between to spot signals if a woman is flirting with you or not.
Flirting Signs Of Women
She’s Staring At You
Do you find her stealing a look of you whenever you glance at her? Does she always avert her stare when you catch her gazing at you? You have a good chance of approaching her in this case. It’s probably because she feels for you but is too shy to stand up and walk towards you. Take the first step by introducing yourself to her in order to make her feel comfortable. Strike off the conversation and let her proceed.
Frequent Smiles
A smile can turn every impossibility into a possibility. After all, it is the ultimate sign of openness and friendliness between any two people, only if it is genuine and not phony. You will find many people trying to pass a forced smile only to comfort you in their zone. But if your girl is passing continuous pretty smiles with that little twinkle her eyes, you know what she is conveying to you. All you need to do is smile back at her as she is already enjoying your company.
Watch Her Body Language
Watch your woman for any signs of hair playing. For if she is twirling her fingers into her hair or throwing it around, you have a potential flirting woman trying to attract your attention. Hair is considered to be a source of power and confidence. And probably that’s the reason why most women opt for trendy haircuts just to exhibit them for men to get flattered over them. Just like hair, you need to watch out other body language signs to ensure that she is flirting with you. While some of them expose their necks by donning open shirts, others prepare their clothes well before coming under your notice. For intense flirting, some women even place their arms in front of them such that their breasts push up to reveal the cleavage. Some even go ahead in dangling their shoes at the toes allowing men to notice the curvature of their feet.
Begins the Conversation
A woman taking the first step into communication is a major sign of her getting attracted towards men.  Watch out for your name being repeated time and again during the conversation. In order to get close to you, she may even attempt on whispering secrets or probably, showing you something that would allow you to take a whiff of her perfume.
Sexual Comments
To divulge their frisky side, women talk about things that instantly turn them on and put them into the right mood. Thus, check for the diversion of the conversation towards sexy topics for they would be trying to increase flirting in the attempt of taking it towards the next step. However, most women prefer to keep sex understated and tasteful; thus, follow her shoes, else a stupid mistake can ruin your great rapport.
Compliments You
As a general rule, women are sparse with compliments. But if one is giving you some, be thankful to god and pat your back. Especially if a woman compliments on your personality and physique, then she is absolutely passionate about you. And if she accompanies the praise with your name, know that it is a positive signal for you. Way to go in creating a memorable and intimate connection with her!
After you have recognized these hidden flirtatious moves in your girl, approaching, attracting, and seducing her would no longer be a mysterious affair.

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