There’s a lot to learn about dating. Dating tips for teens will give you the right picture. Scan the article for some teenage dating tips and ideas.

Dating Tips For Teens

Dating could lead to love. So you don’t want to spoil your first date because of ignorance. As a teenager, you are probably confused what to do and what not to do. This is natural as you and your partner are still learning a lot about love. The distinction between infatuation, love and lust is something that needs to be discovered. Infatuations make you idolize someone, lust is a sexual desire and love is a feeling of completion that you are looking for! Dating while you’re a teenager is so much fun as it brings butterflies to your tummy along with happiness, exhilaration and most of all that excitement that one associates with love. Flirting is an important part of dating too. Flirt well and you’ve achieved half of what you need to! Body language, what you say and how you react, to dancing moves all form the basic of dating. There is no right or wrong way; there are just tips to keep you from getting unpleasantly surprised!

Teenage Dating Tips

  • Eye contact is an interesting way to communicate without having to say anything at all! Don’t look away or be overtly shy; flirt back if your partner is trying to do the same. 
  • Sit or stand up confidently. Take your stand on certain issues that might come up while talking. Show your partner that you are in control of your own actions but don’t dominate.
  • Kiss to impress! Good breath and moist lips are just two essentials. Don’t kiss with lipstick on or too much lip gloss because the kiss will become sloppy. Stand close while kissing and press your body against your date’s body. Eyes closed are better than eyes open for a complete first kiss experience!
  • A sense of mystery always drives the other person crazy! Keep some of your secrets from your date. 
  • Shower compliments on the girl (if you are a guy!) Talk about her hair and her dressing style and looks. But make sure these sound genuine and don’t make you sound like a creep. 
  • Try to stay away from someone your parents don’t approve of. It creates unnecessary problems at home and you’ll start seeing each other’s faults.
  • For a girl: try not to fix your hair and makeup constantly. This shows the guy that you are high maintenance and care a lot about such things.
  • Don’t make arrogant actions such as rolling your eyes, flexing your muscles (again, for the guys!) or rude statements.
  • Smile, smile and smile some more! This tricks works always. This way you are showing your partner that you have left your problems behind and are happy being with him/her.
  • Relax and take things as they go. Nervousness will only make you forget things to say. You may also end up dropping or spilling things! Stay away from all this as it shows clumsiness in action.
  • Never have sex on the first date. You are young and you don’t want the other person to either stay with you for the sake of physical intimacy only or take advantage of your naïve-ness.
  • Be yourself. Be real. Fake words, movements and image won’t be on your side. Show your partner how truly you believe in yourself and the relationship. Most people can read others just by this.
  • Know your limits. Don’t harp on certain issues that are touchy; don’t get too close if not required. Isolating yourselves will only make you seem uncomfortable if it’s your first date. Parking your vehicle far from the public is not a good idea at any age!
These are some of the tips that, if you keep in mind, make your date perfect and will leave your partner wanting for more!

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