The words ‘soul mate’ has been used for a long time now. But, what is a soul mate? This article gives you the meaning of a soul mate and characteristics.

What Is A Soul Mate

Somebody tell me why I’m on my own, if there’s a soulmate for everyone? ~ Soulmate, Natasha Beddingfield. People in the olden days and even now, believe that everyone has a soulmate. A soulmate is someone who is a “soul twin”, in a way that they have something beyond love and friendship, something beyond the superficial. The true definition, in simple words for it would be, “someone you have a deep affinity for”. With friends, the words – soul mate is a very common thing. It forms a sort of bonding and togetherness with the two individuals and they become one, in their minds and hearts! It is also a very usual thing to hear someone say – ‘he/she is my better half’ – this is more than just a statement. It means that the two people need each other to be complete.

Definition Of Soul Mate

  • Dating back to centuries ago, according to Plato – a soulmate is someone who has shared your life before.
  • Reincarnation and soul mates have a concept in common. A soulmate is someone that you have encountered many times in your life and at different times and all these times you’ve loved them.
  • Religious and spiritual views of soulmates affect how people view this matter. For example, can you have more than one soulmate in one lifetime? Typically, no. But again, some people believe in the concept of more than one soul mate.
  • An ancient, very philosophical and deep meaning to a soul mate is – the Creator of the universe splits a soul into two and cast them in human forms. Each half goes about life in their own way but when they cross paths, a powerful bond is seen between the two.
  • Getting more into karma, it is said that you spend your lifetimes with the same groups of souls because you learn by karmic teachings. ‘What goes around comes around’ – in one life you might be someone’s spouse and a twin brother in the next.
  • In modern times, soulmates are anyone that you fall madly in love with and feel blessed to be with. Even movies, such as Serendipity portray the same concept, where two people keep crossing paths unconsciously and then come to realize they are soulmates.
  • Soulmates affect the emotional, spiritual, physical and mental part of you. They can mould relationships in either a positive or a negative way depending on the way in which the two of you are connected.
How To Find Your Soulmate
  • Be patient. Your fate doesn’t have a timetable! You might find your soulmate at any point in life. Without rushing into it, wait for him/her to come along and do not unnecessarily trouble the wrong person!
  • Making yourself more expressive and showing your personality will make it more apparent to your potential/ predestined soulmate!
  • No expectations. Your soulmate might not be what you imagined. Have an open mind about this and it will make you more responsive in finding your soulmate. Your soulmate might be in another town, city or even country!
  • Happily ever afters do exist. The only rule is that you have to make it happen. So if you are facing some troubles with your relationships then it is a challenge for you to overcome that. If you are meant to be, you will be – just deal with the ups and downs.
  • Find yourself before finding your soulmate.

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