Caught short on ideas about what to get your partner on your dating anniversary? Read this article about dating anniversary gift ideas to let your loved one know of your undying love.

Dating Anniversary Gifts

Remember that feeling of excitement along with the feeling of butterflies in your stomach that may have caused you to have a panic attack, when you were going to propose? And remember the same feeling, only much stronger, when he or she said yes? No one can let go of this feeling even if they tried to. This is what each individual strives to maintain in a relationship over the course of time. The beginning of a relationship is always the sweetest and the most exciting part of it. That lump in your throat you get every time your partner moves away, even if it is for the shortest time. That “thump thump” you feel inside your chest every time you see your partner. While your heartbeat blows off the chart, the excitement seems to be on horse power. But as time moves on, even though your love grows stronger with appreciation for each other, that fervor fades away a little and gives way to routine. You know you love your partner to death, but you feel it’s not the same anymore. Soon, your dating anniversary is about to arrive and you don’t know how to express your feelings that same way as before and you don’t know what gift to get for him or her that will convey that your love hasn’t faded away. Read this article about dating anniversary gift ideas and spark the fire again.
Dating Anniversary Gift Ideas
Take The Day Off
Rather than planning just one or two events in the evening, take the whole day off from work and devote it to your loved one. It will set the pulse racing from the morning. It doesn’t have to be just one gift and then over. Plan events for the whole day and keep them as a surprise. But be flexible, as it is almost certain that your partner must have planned some things for you to do together as well.
Breakfast Together
Start the day with a bouquet of her favorite flowers or a rose for your Mr. Perfect, then move on to preparing a breakfast-in-bed for your partner and for, of course, yourself. Or get a reservation in some nice Bed and Breakfast place. Nothing pleases the senses more than good food with your loved one. Also, a good breakfast would mean you riding high on energy through the rest of the day.
Afternoon Sparks
Depending on your partner’s taste, you can plan for the outing. It can be a sports game, a music concert, nice romantic flick, some adventure sports that your partner wanted to do for a long time, or may be a quiet walk in the park or some other quiet place where you can just talk. You can also go for a long drive to some nice location where you could pop open a bottle of champagne and enjoy it with your partner.
Spa Date
Set aside time for a spa date with your partner. Those afternoon sparks of sports game, concert, movie, adventure sports, or the long drive will get you a little exhausted for the remainder of the day. A spa date will definitely relax those sore muscles of yours and your partner’s. If you’re the gentleman, let the lady have her fun with facials and manicures, while you ease up on your muscles with a nice gentle massage to get yourself ready for the evening.
Dinner For Two
Depending on your taste, get a dinner reservation for the both you, either at a quiet romantic candle-lit place or at a loud and funky one. You can also set the table up yourself at your home and cook her a nice romantic dinner with light music playing in the background. Choose a restaurant which plays light music and where couples are allowed to dance, or if at home, dance anyways. A slow dance is a sparking way to feel close and attached to your partner.
Anniversary Gift
If you have more than one gift to share, start sharing them, one by one in sequence, right from the breakfast table to the dinner table. Start from giving candy and sweets at the breakfast table. You can also go for a more personalized gift such as a memorabilia from the first date accompanied with a nice personalized card or a disk of songs that includes the favorites of both of you. This is all to warm up on the anticipations of what’s next. Then at the dinner table, go for the actual gifts. A loving necklace, bracelet, or earrings for the lady and a nice elegant looking wrist watch for the gentleman. You can also go for a framed photograph of your favorite moment together. And if going to propose for the marriage, definitely go with a diamond ring. Leave with a hand written letter with all your feelings poured out in it. No matter how cheesy it sounds, it’s the most personalized way of saying how much you love your partner and how much he or she means to you.
These dating anniversary gift ideas are sure to send back those butterflies in your stomach and make your relationship as fresh as dew!

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