One minute games are like roller coaster rides full of enthusiasm & fun. And if you think they are better than visiting an amusement park then just read this article and take your pick!

One Minute Games

One minute seems a miniscule entity and carrying the same thought we tend to waste so many one minutes of our lives. “One minute” had always triggered a sense of fear and made us sweat equivalent to running on a treadmill. Do you remember all those times when you were in school and just like all the mothers, your mother also shouted at you and said, “Get ready for the school, only one minute is left for your bus to come.”? And, not to mention, after reaching the school, your teacher, as if competing with your mother’s pitch, shrilled, “Hurry – Hurry up! Just one minute left to complete the test paper.” Hey! Don’t get irritated! Instead, heartedly thank your parents for preparing you for one minute games. One minute games are like these thrilling roller coaster rides where it becomes mandatory for you to win because it was just a minute! You can play one minute games like a kid, a sportsperson, a cook, a cartoonist and fulfill your ultimate desires in just one minute.
Fun One Minute Games
Expressing with your mouth shut can be a tedious task but scribbling cartoons to express your thoughts or ideas can be thrilling and exciting. Write some simple keywords, movie names, songs or your favorite actors/ actress names on some chits and divide your play group into pairs. Ask one of the pairs to pick one of the chits and draw a cartoon or a picture to depict the word and let the other partner guess. Within no time, you would get so involved in the game that it would tempt you to say the answer!
My Favourite T.V. Show
Lying down calmly on the couch, holding the remote control in one hand and sipping a soft drink, the television channel is changed more than the number of times a flirt falls in love. And this happens with everybody and every day. Everyone on this earth wants to be a king and a control freak! And this game fulfills all. Make groups of three people and ask one of them to stand and the others to sit. Ask the one who volunteers to stand to act like a television and the others to command the television and make him/her act by skipping channels. Repeat it for another two times so that everyone in the group gets the chance. Enjoy your buddies as item dancers, news readers, cartoons, soap suckers, cricketers etc….. And soon, you would realize the number of times that you have irritated your idiot box to make a skip!
Passing The Egg
Eggs are meant to be broken! But when they break, even the most powerful deodorant is doubted upon. Eggs are used to make omelets but they are almost known to be used for fun. Just get a full tray of eggs and divide your group into definite pairs. Handcuff both the partners and ask them to carry the egg using any other body part and ask them to walk from one place to another in just one minute. With every drop, you would hear number of exclamations like “Eyu!”, “Yuck!”, “Ouch” and would see them drenched with the egg whites and the slim yolks with folded nostrils running to the washrooms!
Life is made up of days and these days boil down to single minutes. Every single minute obviously counts but these games would make them count so that you will never forget the day you played the one minute games. So, wait no more! Indulge your adventurous self in some serious mischief – if only for a minute!

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