Marriages are fun! Just steal more ideas on the Indian marriage games and make life even more interesting for the newlywed couple and all others around them!

Newlywed Games

Indian weddings are the nastiest forums of enjoyment where people not only enjoy but also carry a lot of memories with them. From the bride’s outfit to the canopy’s décor, everything feels so surreal. The lighting of the candles and the fragrance of flowers add glow to the serenity of the moments. The marriage hall overflows with the jokes of the elders and cousins and comes alive with the giggles of the younger lot. The icebreaking games happen to involve the crowd in the festivities. These games are not just played to break the ice between the newlyweds but they are symbolic and ritualistic in nature. According to the interpretations of Indian mythology, they are responsible to create togetherness and remove the barriers of hesitation. So, you can play the usual games like fish ring, cutting of the ribbon and the shoe stealing and also, pick up some crazy ideas from this article and make your marriage more opulent and vibrant.
Marriage Games
Jalebi Mazza
Moving from one corner to another in a marriage we keep eating and treat our stomachs like a well. We walk like hungry nomads but it is so ironic that we sub-consciously or consciously think that the food is for free and we tend to gulp the maximum. Don’t get embarrassed! Use this talent and make the most of it. Just tie a rope and hang jalebis at a suitable height. Hand cuff one member each from both the groom as well as the bride side and ask them to catch the jalebis with their mouths and gobble up as many as they can. You wouldn’t stop laughing seeing them behaving like giraffes of the first order!
In a marriage, the sisters-in-law give abundant doses of embarrassment to the groom by teasing him. It is the best time you can take advantage of the groom and make him a donkey and enjoy the ride! Ask all the sisters of the bride and the bride to cover their faces with identical scarves or dupattas and make them stand in a row. Now, ask the groom to find and recognize the bride from the group of girls and if he fails to do so then make silly noises like that of a donkey braying and enjoy the scene of the handsome groom being hit by his bride.
Flower Shower
Imagine! You are taking a shower in the bathroom and instead of water; your shower is pouring rose petals. Stop imagining, because this game will transcend your dreams into reality. Take few mud pots and decorate them traditionally. Fill the pots with the rose petals and sprinkle a little amount of water to avoid them from getting dried. Now, give each member of the bride as well as the groom side, your decorated pot and ask one of the team to pour the pot on the opponent team and ask the opponent team to defend themselves and not letting them pour on themselves. Repeat the process vice-a-versa and get the feel of soccer!
All the above games, along with the traditional ones, will make this marriage a resounding celebration for years to come and the memories thus made will never fade away from anyone’s memories – least of all the newlywed couple’s!

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