Gone are the days when hula hoop was limited to actors in the circus. The hoops have taken the world by storm in the present times. Go through the article to learn some tricks & get set hula hooping!

Hula Hoop Tricks

Hula Hula! Hula Hula! Sounds like a tribal language, doesn’t it? It is the name of that very classy and fun activity that we see people (read women) doing in the opening ceremonies of various games. Be it the Olympics or the Grand Carnival, hula hoops dominate every opening ceremony. At a point of time, hula hoops were essentially considered the forte of the circus artists from across the globe. The act was predefined - the curtains would rise, clowns would appear on single wheeled cycles and gorgeous hour-glass shaped women would appear with the hula hoops dangling around their waists as if by magic. The fun grew more serious when people started hula hooping for records and one such dedicated 8-year old Mary Jane Freeze from US set the record at 10 hours and 47 minutes. The latest record stands at 90 hours in the name of Roxann Rose of US and is just an example of how fun this activity can be. However, hula hoping is not all fun, it’s extremely great for burning out those extra calories and at giving the subject a ballerina-like grace that women eye for.
How To Do Hula Hoop Tricks
Basic Hooping
Basic hooping refers to spinning the hula hoop around your waist. This is the most basic motion and all the other tricks in hula hooping depend upon the same. Your efficiency in hula hoping, in general, depends upon your grasp and perfection in basic hooping.
  • Stand in an erect posture, with your feet grounded firmly and placed evenly with the shoulders. Slightly bend your knees.
  • Now, hold the hoop around your waist with both hands and pull it forward so that it is firm against your back.
  • Next start the main action. You need to, now, swirl the hoop counterclockwise, using your right hand and start following the motion of the hoop with your waist. Move your body back and forth in a circular motion, so that the hoop keeps spinning.
  • Make sure you shift your body weight back and forth evenly from one foot to another to form a gentle rocking motion. This will help you balance the hoop around your waist.
This means spinning the hoop around your neck. 
  • Stand in the position meant for general hooping and hold the hoop around your neck with both hands.
  • Follow the same method of pulling it forward and rotating it counterclockwise.
  • Now move our body like mentioned for basic hoping, without losing control of your neck.

Knee Knocker
This is hula hooping around the knees.

  • Hold the hoop around your knees with both hands and keep your knees rather stiff.
  • Push the hula hoop in the counterclockwise direction around your knees and start rocking your body back and forth to maintain control over the hoop.
  • Maintain a stiffness of the knees and balance your body by stretching your arms straight from both sides.
The Booty Bump
This refers to the act of hula hooping around one’s hips.
  • Start your basic hula hooping and reach peak motion possible.
  • Once you are in mid-motion, gradually start bending your waist forward till your upper body is perpendicular to your lower body.
  • While doing so, start a slight bounce routine with the help of your toes. This should be more like pumping than bouncing.
  • Slip the hoop a little lower, i.e., around your hips while bouncing and gradually rise back to the upright position with the hoop spinning around your hips.
  • Balance yourself by spreading out your arms on both sides.
The Arm Twirl
This refers to the act of hula hooping around one’s arms.
  • Stand erect with your legs apart at shoulder's width. Extend your arms beside you.
  • Place the hula hoop on your right arm, and let it rest between your shoulder and elbow.
  • With your left hand, spin the hula hoop in a counterclockwise motion. Start circling your arm along with the hula hoop, to maintain this motion.
  • Keep your left arm extended to maintain balance while doing this motion. As you get better, you can do this trick with a hula hoop in each arm.

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