If you have been wondering that there are just a few types of bread, it is time to think again? Check out this article to know the different kinds of bread available in the world.

Types Of Bread

How many types of bread can you name? White bread, wheat bread, French bread, bagels, rye bread,  pita bread! These are just a few types with many waiting to be added to this list. The most loved and savored staple food throughout the world, bread is an old food dating back to the Neolithic era. Generally made from wheat-flour dough, bread can also comprise of various wheat species, such as rye, barley, maize and oats. Just a walk past the bread section of any supermarket will give you an idea of the different breads that can be found, depending upon the ingredients, size, shape, cost and cooking time. While some breads, such as garlic bread, include spices, others like white bread can be very bland. Similarly, there are breads with numerous ingredients, such as cinnamon raisin cranberry bread, and simpler breads like whole wheat bread. Continue browsing through the lines below to know the different types of bread.  
Different Kinds Of Bread
Wholemeal Bread
Also known as whole grain or whole wheat bread, wholemeal bread is one of the most popular breads around. Prepared from bran and wheat germ, it is largely gaining popularity due to the health benefits of the ingredients included. It is also an excellent source of dietary fiber, as it contains twice the amount than white bread and more than multigrain breads.
White Bread
The most common variety of bread, white bread is made from wheat flour that contains only the central core of the grain (endosperm). An assortment of different contents, such as vegetable flours, seeds, herbs, or a mixture of these, are added to give white breads different taste and flavor.
Multigrain Bread
Multigrain bread is prepared by combining assorted wholemeal, white or rye flour. Also, various other constituents, such as wheat germ, honey, gluten, non-fat milk solids, vegetable pieces, nuts, seeds, fruits, spices, cracked and whole grains of wheat, rye, oats, corn, barley, rice millet and triticale, can be used for achieving what we call multigrain or mixed-grain bread. Multigrain breads are further classified into two types, namely, light and heavy.
Rye Bread
Originally from Europe, rye bread is a kind of wholemeal bread prepared from rye flour or a mixture of rye and wheat flour. It is characterized by its dark color and strong flavor. It is high in fiber when compared to other common bread types. Rye bread is most common in the European countries of Scandinavia, Germany, Finland, the Baltic States, and Russia.
Sourdough Bread
A slightly sour flavor and a denser texture than regular bread is what can perfectly describe sourdough bread. This type of bread is made from a mixture of water and flour, known as starter, without any or very little addition of yeast. The mixture is kept for fermentation, thereby producing a gas and an acid and hence, is used for leavening breads.
Flat Bread
Flatbreads are considered to be the oldest breads ever used by humans. The basic flatbreads are prepared from flour, water and salt. Though wheat is the most preferred choice for making flatbreads, other grains, such as barley, millet, corn, oats, rice and rye are as well used for preparing assorted flatbreads. Flatbreads are either single layered or double layered. Pita bread is a common type of flatbread that is used throughout the Middle East.
Other Types of Bread include:
  • Fruit Bread
  • Bagel
  • Naan
  • Chapatti
  • Tortilla
  • Hearth Bread
  • Kibbled Bread
  • Matzo or Unleavened Bread
  • Brown Bread
  • Lavash Bread
  • Chinese Steamed Bread
  • Gluten-free Bread
  • Baguette
  • Ciabatta
  • Cornbread
  • Damper
  • Garlic Bread
  • Olive Bread
  • Walnut Bread
  • Potato Dill Bread
  • Ricotta Polenta
  • Foccacia
  • Pumpernickel Bread

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