Moonwalk is the signature dance move of the celebrated pop legend, Michael Jackson. Explore the article to find detailed dance instructions on how to moonwalk.

How To Moonwalk

The legendary moonwalk was first popularized by the musical legend, Michael Jackson and was also considered to be his signature dance move. While many believe that it was Jackson, who invented the fabulous break-dance move, moon-walk actually dates back to several decades ago. Doing a perfect moonwalk is certainly not a cake-walk, though you can try and learn the step over time. Regular practice can make you as good as Jackson himself, as far as this dance move is concerned. In case you want to find out elaborate instructions on how to moonwalk, follow the article.
Moonwalk Dance Instructions 
  • Stand straight in attention position. Make sure that you do not stand stiff as you have to make your body flow during the dance. Ease your body a bit and just ensure that your feet are together.  
  • In the second step, your legs have to assume an L-shaped posture. Drag your right leg back in such a way that the foot ankle is positioned a little upward and your toes are pointing towards the floor. Make sure you have not moved your left leg at all. It has to remain static for the while. This is the L-shape posture. Remember it and practice it well, as you will have to keep repeating it during the moon walk.  
  • Try to understand the position of your feet and take care that you do not go out of balance. Make sure that there is an adequate distance between both your feet. 10-12 inches of distance is just perfect; your feet should not be too close nor too far from each other.  
  • Now, your legs are in the perfect L-shape posture, as required for the moon walk dance. The next step is to put pressure on the floor with the toes of your right foot. Using the grip of your right foot toes, drag your left foot back, passing by the right leg.
  • Now, you are in a position where your right foot is in the front and left foot in the back. Now, the L-shaped posture has to switch over to your left leg. Tilt your left foot ankle up and point the toes to the floor, and even as you do that, put your right foot flat, similar to the way when you performed the step with your left leg ( in the previous step).
  • Now, you just have to perform the same step, this time using the toes of your left foot to put pressure on the floor. Using the grip, drag your right leg in the backward direction, passing by your left foot. Make sure that the sole of your foot doesn’t leave the floor when you do the dragging movement.
  • Get back to the second step, where your left foot is in the front one again and the right foot is placed at the back. The L-shape posture will again switch over to the left leg. Repeat the steps further as mentioned above.
  • You can also add some hand gestures to the dance for that perfect illusion of moonwalk. Some head movements can also be coupled with the moonwalk by moving your head forward to show as if you were trying to move forward.

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