Making your own spa bathroom comes across as a major undertaking. Go through this article and explore a few basic tips on how to create a spa bathroom.

How To Create A Spa Bathroom

Though making your own home seems like a dream job, it is not all fun and excitement. It requires a lot of hard work, as you need to pay attention to every minute detail and make sure that the instructions are well understood, interpreted and executed, so that your dream castle is built exactly the way you want to it to be. While making your home, you keep in mind every little detailing of your bedroom, hall and kitchen, but often tend to ignore the bathroom. However, it is the place where you can actually sit back, relax and shut out the rest of the world. So, you must make this place a comfort zone. One of the best ideas is to go for a spa bathroom, where all these needs can be met easily! Read on to know how to create a spa bathroom.
Making Your Own Spa Bathroom
Whirlpool Bathtub
The first and foremost thing that is vital for a spa bathroom is a whirlpool tub, or soaking tub. Keeping in mind that this type of bathtub is about five to ten times more costly than a traditional one, it may seem a little extravagant at the first go. However, you will realize its worth once you come from a stressful day at work and spend an hour at your whirlpool tub, relaxing and leaving back all your worries in there.
Selection Of Bathtub
Once you have decided that you want to go for a whirlpool tub, the second issue is selecting one. The selection of the tub will depend entirely upon your usage. However, the size of tub that would fit in your bathroom and whether you want it to be heated or not is entirely your jurisdiction. If you have space, it is generally nice to put the tub in a small, recessed alcove or simply on a raised platform, to separate it from the rest of the bathroom.
Walk-in Showers
Walk-in showers are amongst the popular elements of a spa bathroom. Made of ceramic tile, natural stone, glass blocks, marble or glass tiles, they have a rainfall showerhead, which is mounted into the ceiling. Some walk-in showers also include multiple body jets that are located in the space along each side wall of the shower. Select the one that suits your needs the best.
Double Vanity
Another feature that is vital in a spa bathroom is a double vanity. You need to have a private closet in the bathroom, so that you do not end up fighting with your spouse for sink space! Generally, a double vanity is sixty inches long, but if you are ready to spend some extra bucks, you can get it customized as per your needs as well. This will solve the problem of someone disturbing you in the spa, to use the bathroom for practical reasons.
Heated flooring and towel bars are more a necessity, rather than a luxury, in a spa bathroom. After all, who wants to get out of a warm cozy tub and get exposed to a cold place? So, you need to have in-floor heating with ceramic tiles in your bathroom. In case you want to have some aesthetic heating in your spa zone, go for gas, electric or wood fireplace. At times, it is very calming to sit and watch the fire, while you relax in the bathtub.
Lighting is very important factor that you need to keep in concern, while designing your spa bathroom. You will certainly need several kinds of lighting in the bathroom. Bright, natural light would be required in the vanity area, while in the whirlpool area; you'll need indirect and dimmer lights. Overhead light source in the shower will also be required. To give a natural look to your bathroom, include as many windows as possible.
Last, but not the least, the décor and ambience of your bathroom matters a lot. If you are going for a spa bathroom, go for a color that aids relaxation. Generally, people go for cream, pale blues and greens and light-colored woods, but you can choose any other color you feel soothing. Also, include cabinet space and shelving in your bathroom, to store all the things you need. Your plumbing fixtures, like taps, basin and showers, should be practical as well as beautiful. Please do not go for too intricate designs, as they seem very artificial.

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