Have you been wondering 'how to create a kitschy kitchen', for quite sometime now? Here, let us help you explore tips on creating kitschy kitchens and getting a wild and fun look.

How To Create A Kitschy Kitchen

People generally long for a big, beautiful and modular kitchen. However, there is also a segment of people who want to re-create the nostalgia-filled old style of their parents and grandparents, in their kitchen. As the retro style is back with a bang, with the kitchen being an integral part of it, creating a kitschy kitchen has caught on with the trend. There are a lot of people who are not clear with the concept of kitschy kitchen and want to know more about it. Let us explore a few tips to how to create a kitschy kitchen, which will let you enjoy all the modern conveniences, while going for a retro look.
Kitschy Kitchen Decorations
Repaint Your Kitchen
Start with repainting your kitchen, using bright colors to give the retro feel. You can use the bright sunshine yellow of the 1960s or the avocado green of the 1970s, thus creating the flavor of that particular era, inside your kitchen.
Get Hold Of Old Kitchen Appliances & Accessories
Check out the attics at your relatives' place. You might, fortunately, get some kitchen appliances and accessories, which may not be of a use to them. However, they will surely be a treasure for you and you will able to make good use of them, in your kitschy kitchen, giving it the perfect 'old feel'.
Use Crazy & Themed Accessories
Choose a theme on which you want your kitchen to be based. You can also combine various themes, in order to get a wilder look. Buy all themed accessories, like rooster cookie jars, cactus cookie jars, frog shape pitchers, rooster teapot and other similar items. Place them all across your kitchen and enjoy the crazy appearance.
Add A Bit Of Silliness
Give your dining table a wild look, just like your kitchen. Set the table with unique theme or figurine salt and pepper shakers and napkin holders. Put cartoon-ish oven mitts and pot holders to enhance the look of the stove area. While creating kitschy kitchen, you should remember that being stylish is not desirable. It’s all about feeling and enjoying the good ol' times.
Decorate The Walls
The kitchen walls should be decorated in a way that accentuates the old feel. You can use retro advertising signage, which can be found at antique shops. Visit some pop culture specialty shops and choose from the range of retro signage available there.
Stick To Your Taste
One of the important tips, to create a kitschy kitchen, which you should keep in mind, is that you will be the one spending time in it. So, enjoy and have fun while decorating it. Make it the way you want, as it appeals to your taste. A kitchen should reflect your personality. Enjoying the look of your kitchen and the time spent there should be the main motive, while decorating it.

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