Guys love to date women, but almost every other guy messes up when on a date with a woman. Swing your way through this article for dating tips for guys.

Guy Dating Tips

For some reason, unknown to both men and women, men almost always make a mess of their dates, especially when on the first date. However, getting the better of this predicament is really not too much of a problem. All a man needs to do is to gain knowledge on how to behave with a woman he is interested in, and put this knowledge into practice, which may not be too much of a challenge. For in the end, it’s all about learning to live with women. Take the time and read through the sections to follow for the most basic guidelines on how to traverse to a successful date. With the successful implementation of these guidelines, it can be safely said that the woman of your dreams maybe just yours for the taking! Here’s wishing you a very happy and successful ‘love life’.

Dating Tips For Guys 

Dress Well
If you want to go any further with the woman you are dating, you will have to dress well. This, however, doesn’t mean that you wear a three piece suit and show up for your first date. It only means that you dress smart and maybe even a little casual. You will also have to master the art of looking like you cared enough to dress up, but also not like you tried too hard. Get clothes that fit you right, get clothes that make you look neat as opposed to clothes that have you looking a tad too messy or like a Christmas tree. Women almost always like to be around well-dressed men. So, when you dress well for the date, you are only upping your chances of taking things further with the girl of your dreams.

Cool And Confident
Let’s break this issue down. When women go out with men on a date, what they always look at is a very casual affair. However, when men go out with women on a date, they always look at that girl as a potential wife, or someone they can at least get in bed with. This makes men get all nervous around the woman, which can blow up in their face. After all, women don’t want to be around men who are not comfortable around them, or who they are not comfortable around. So, make it a point to stay cool, casual and comfortable. Don’t ever let dating tensions get to you. To achieve this objective, you can think of the whole dating game as you are just catching up with one of your buddies!

Laughter Is The Best Medicine
Have you noticed that almost all the funny guys get the best girls, although the guys themselves may not be too great to look at? How is this even possible you may wonder? Well, it’s a simple equation really. Girls dig funny guys, and funny guys like girls. Now that you have got to know how the whole thing works, try being funny on your date, but don’t make it look like you have rehearsed a few lines or picked up a few jokes just to blurt it out at the table. Remember, being spontaneous or instantaneously funny is the way to go.

Gain Knowledge
Just like women like to be with men who know a thing or two about being funny, they also like to be with men who know a thing or two about how the world works. This doesn’t mean you give your date a one sided lecture on the ‘Big Bang Theory’ or nuclear warfare. It only means that you should be familiar with current affairs and have an idea on what things men are expected to know. Pulling this off is really not as difficult as you may think it is.

A woman always likes to be treated like a woman. If you are not too familiar with treating a woman right, you probably don’t deserve to be with her in the first place. In any case, if you are still interested in the woman you plan on dating, you may as well be a little chivalrous around her. Open doors, pull chairs or do any other things that will make her feel special and respected. With this done, you can take it for granted that you would have scored high on her ratings. All the best!

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