North Korea is a state located in East Asia. Check out some interesting and fun facts about North Korea.

Facts About North Korea

North Korea is located in East Asia and lies towards the northern half of the Korean Peninsula. North Korea and South Korea were one nation, prior to their division after World War II. The former is now separated from the latter, by the Korean Demilitarized Zone. North Korea shares cordial relations with almost all socialist states, such as China, Russia, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc. The country faced grave famine during early 1990s and enforced the ‘Military - First’ policy to increase economic concentration. Besides, the culture of the state is highly controlled by the government. For some more interesting and fun facts about North Korea, go through the following lines.
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Interesting Facts about North Korea 
  • The capital of North Korea is Pyongyang, which is also its largest city.
  • The official language of North Korea is Korean.
  • The currency of North Korea is North Korean Won.
  • The official name of North Korea is Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
  • About 80 percent of the area in the country is covered by high mountains. European visitors often refer to the country as ‘a sea in a heavy gale’, due to its mere appearance, which comprises of successive mountain ranges that crisscross the peninsula.
  • Baekdu Mountain, a volcanic mountain, is the highest point in North Korea.
  • In contrast to the geographical conditions of its neighboring nations - Japan and China, North Korea is less prone to severe earthquakes.
  • The major population of the country comprises of the people of Korean demonym.
  • North Korea strictly follows the Juche ideology and is a self-reliant state.
  • North Korea is a single party state, which is Democratic Front for the Reunification of the Fatherland.
  • The country has a collective armed personnel military, named ‘The Korean People's Army’ (KPA). It has four branches - Ground Force, Naval Force, Air Force, and the Civil Securities Force.
  • North Korea has the fourth largest military in the world.
  • The highest point in North Korea is Paektu-San Mountain, with an altitude of 2,744 meters (9,003 ft).
  • The longest river in North Korea is Amnok River, flowing for 790 kilometers.
  • Cheondoism is the largest organized religion in North Korea, followed by Christianity.
  • Mass Games is one of the most popular events that take place in North Korea.
  • ‘The Complex of Goguryeo Tombs’ was the first site in North Korea to be included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.
  • T’aekwondo, followed by Ssirum, is the most popular sport in Korea.
  • North Korea has four distinct seasons - its overall climatic conditions are continental.
  • In the country, summers are hot, short, humid and rainy as well, while in winters, the country gets snowfall for as many as 37 days.
  • Kaesong (in the south), Sinuiju (in the northwest), Wonsan and Hamhung (in the east) and Chongjin (in the northeast) are some of the major cities of North Korea.
  • Minerals, petroleum, machinery, food, chemicals and plastics are the chief imports of North Korea.
  • On October 9, 2006, North Korea tested its first nuclear weapon.

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