Peeling the petals of a rose would in no way tell you whether she likes you or not. Forget the rose and look for signs that would help you answer the question “does she likes me”.

Does She Like Me Signs

Does she take me more than just a friend? Is she romantically inclined to me? Does she ‘really’ likes me? If these questions have been swirling your mind and creating a whirlpool of uncertainties and doubts, know that you are not the only one, for most of the guys go through this phase. If even after plucking the entire bunch of rose flower, the question remains unanswered and you are clueless about what your girl thinks about you? Agreed, girls are hard to crack but understanding them is not half as complicated as repairing a television on your own. Having said that, know that the task is not as simple as flipping the coin. Since times immemorial, women are said to be true examples of being mysterious. They are happy one moment, sad the other, elated the very next and then furious right after. Decoding what a woman thinks or feels is difficult, but with a careful observation, you can make sense of everything she does. She may not give direct signs, but instead communicate ingeniously. Look out for the subtleties and you would know for sure as to whether or not she like you. However, if you can’t crack her, ask her best friend and dig out what she (your girl) feels about you. Girls mostly reveal all that they feel to their friend(s). If things haven’t worked out yet, don’t fret for given below are some clues that would help you make sense of her feelings.
How To Know She Likes Me
  • Try to talk to her when she is alone and free. Analyze her while talking. If she gives very long answers to your questions, smiles during the entire conversation and also ask questions from her side that means she is also quite interested in you. But if she gives one word, short or clipped answers, does not smile or seems indifferent it directly means that she is not at all interested in you.
  • Eyes always speak the truth. So, study her eyes when she looks at you. If she looks up at you with shyness in her eyes, stares continuously or maintains eye contact, it indicates that she is very much interested in you.
  • Observe her body language. Guys must have a watch on the body language of the girl. Analyze the way she reacts when you accidentally touch her. If she touches you often, it indicates her extreme interest in you. Don’t wait; tell your feeling to her as soon as possible.
  • If the girl mimics your actions quite often, then it means she likes you. Girls love to follow the guy when they are interested in them. For example, an interested girl will order the same drink as what you have ordered already or would go to same restaurant that you like or would wear colors that you are fond of.
  • Keep on entertaining her with funny jokes and stories. Notice the way she reacts and laugh. If she really enjoys your company and laughs her heart out on your jokes, then there are good chances of her being interested in you.
  • Notice her reaction when you get really friendly with other girls. If she acts jealous or become quiet and sad, this indicates that she is very much interested in you. Also, during your interaction with other girls, if she interrupts in between or tries to be very close with you, then surely she likes you.
  • If a girl really makes efforts to communicate with you, tries to talk to you in person, then it indicates that she has some sort of a liking towards you. If during one of these personal talks, she outpours her feelings and emotions then know that you are definitely a close friend or someone special, for girls hardly reveal their personal feelings to strangers or just friends.
  • Girls always work on their appearance and try to look as good as possible. But if the girl starts dressing her up much better than the usual, then it might be the signal of her liking towards you. If she, for instance, wears the kind of dresses that you like, or colors that you prefer or in fact perfumes that you have a liking for, it is a clear indication of her feelings.
  • Don’t wait for the girl to come up to you and reveal her feelings as most of the girls are quite shy. Take the initial step and tell your emotions to her.
  • Some girls are quite shy in talking to the guy they like, in this case notice her eyes and body language to know how much she likes you.
  • Be prepared for a “No”. Even if she fulfills all the above signals, she might not like you that way. So don’t be disheartened.
If your girl shows such signs, don’t wait for full moon day to come to terms with it. Confess your part of the liking and watch her confess hers.

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