To find out if a girl likes you or not is one of the toughest dilemmas that guys usually face. However, did you know that by noting some signs you can easily find out? Read on to know the signs.

Signs A Girl Likes You

How does one know if the girl you are seeing likes you or not? Is there any reliable way in which you can know this other than plucking flower petals to “she likes me” and “she likes me not”? If questions like these keep popping out in your mind, then this article is just the pick for you. The best way, of course, is through your own observation and gut feeling, but this can also be quite difficult, as girls are emotional creatures and can prove to be quite a mystery. But if you have fallen for a girl, and are undergoing an emotional storm of whether or not to approach her with a proposal, know that doing some homework and exploring the signs of interest is the only way to save yourself from the embarrassing no. After all, many guys have mistaken the laughter and camaraderie for love, only to be rudely awakened from their dreams by their love interest giving them a variety of answers, but none that says “me too”.
Signs guide love travelers towards the right direction. So before popping out that unsaid question, make sure you look for signs of interest/love in your girl, and understand the direction in which they point. Only then you can know if your girl likes you or just considers you a friend or worse, like a brother. If you are one of the lucky ones and do indeed see the green light, make your move without delay. Many guys have let the moment pass, not sure if the girl liked them or not, when the girls were literally waving the flag on their face. By the time they realized this, the girls had already moved on. So, make sure you act swiftly upon seeing the signs of interest or love. Read the article below to know the signs that a girl likes you.
How To Know If A Girl Likes You
  • First, notice if the girl gives her time and attention to you willingly. This can show that either she likes you or wants to know you better. When a girl gives her time and attention, it proves that she considers you more important than her other priorities. Also, observe if she looks bored and forced to be with you for any reason.
  • If the girl cooks up any silly excuse just to be with you, then it may be because she likes you and enjoys your company. Most of the time girls give excuse to run away from the guy whom they don’t like. So, if it’s the opposite, then you better keep your fingers crossed. Things seem to be turning in your favor.
  • When a girl is interested in a guy, she will want to know more about him. So, the girl may ask you a lot of questions regarding your personal life, interests and opinions. By asking questions, the girl makes sure that she gets more of your time and knows you adequately, if not completely.
  • How does a guy talk to a gal he likes? He becomes so nervous that he starts stammering or completely forgets his voice. In the same way, a girl who talks to a guy whom she likes most often gets excited and nervous. As such, she will speak faster than normal. Sometimes, she may even utter nonsense. Don’t be let down by this, thinking it to be a defect in her. 
  • Observe the body language. The body language can show you the clearest sign if she likes you. If she plays with her hair, fidgets around, plays with anything in the hand or does any sort of thing that is beyond her control, then you can safely say that the girl likes you.
  • Another telltale sign that clearly indicates of a girl’s liking is that she doesn’t shy away from making any physical contact with you. Sometimes, she may find excuses to make physical contact with you. This shows that she wants to get closer to you.  
  • Just watch as to how she reacts when you speak to other girls. If she becomes quiet, appears moody or shows plain jealousy, then you can be sure that she likes you. She may also openly start to flirt with you to counter other girls.
  • Play the tease game. When you tease her and she also happily teases you back, then it proves that she likes you. Most of the times, when a girl does not like a guy, the last thing she wants is to get teased by him. If your girl is enjoying your healthy mockery, know that she surely likes you.

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