Sing your own tune and make the Pied Pipers of fashion take notice of you. How? Have a read about men’s fashion tips for casual wear

Casual Wear For Men

The formal definition for casual wear goes like this - a dress code which emphasizes comfort and personal expression over presentation and uniformity. Now, who in the world said that if you wear casuals you’re going to look like a hobo, lacking presentation and uniformity - a tuxedo company and its minions? Probably no, but you got the point. You can wear casuals while just chilling out inside your house, or when you are catching up with your friends. Going for movies, gyming, jogging and the likes are other occasions when casuals rule the roost. With the right combination of colors that suit you, sizes that fit you, and just about the right mix of accessories thrown in, you can go from being an average Joe to being a Greek God. Now before you go and start to get groomed up, read on about men’s fashion tips for casual wear:
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Best Casual Wear Tips For Men
Apt Colors
Before you start to stuff your wardrobe, get a hold of what colors suit you the best. Just because you think that a particular color is good, doesn’t mean that it suits you. Watch yourself dressed up in different colors. Ask your parents, friends, and yourself as to which colors suit you the best and build your wardrobe around these colors. However, try not to look like a multicolored monkey.
Perfect Fit
Buy clothes that fit your body like a snake curls onto a branch with ease. Don’t try to fit into something from which you can’t get out of, or which makes you look like you’re wearing a tent in the name of apparel!
Make Your Own Trends
Don’t behave like the mice that followed Pied Piper and ran themselves off the cliff. Rather, sing your own tune and make the Pied Pipers of fashion take notice of you. A trend is never out of place. Wearing what makes you look good and feel comfortable is the key.
Accessorize and Personalize
Add a zingy collection in the form of belts, scarves, shades, wrist watches, wrist bands, and the most prized possession of all - shoes. Try on different combinations of accessories with different clothes to see which one looks the classiest. Don’t go overboard with all that accessorizing and personalizing that you may end up looking sleazy or some punk rock star (unless you intend to).
Dress As Per Occasion
Dress according to the occasion with minor risks. A cap or sports shoes is a strong no-no for your office, unless you work for the tennis or football federation. Don’t go wearing t-shirts with logos or statements to your office. Instead, wear a formal shirt with a dark clean pair of jeans. Avoid low waist jeans and jeans that are too flashy or wrinkly as per design.
Try sticking to these men’s fashion tips casual wear and make your way into the who’s who list.

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