Curls make your tresses look stylish and classy at the same time! There are different ways to curl your hair. Read on for some tips on curling your hair.

Ways To Curl Hair

They say that the grass is always greener on the other side. And nowhere is it more manifest than in the debate of straight hair versus curly hair. People who possess wavy hair want straight hair while those who have straight hair swear by the curls to adorn the sides of their face. For those that like waves and curls, this is the right place for you to begin on how you can achieve it and get rid of your poker straight hair! If you already have boring and lifeless curls, then it is time to transform them into careless and wild ones! To curl or perm your hair permanently might be quite disastrous, because as the hair grows, the curliness fades away, not to mention the damage done to the hair. Your best option is to do it temporarily so that the damaging effects are reduced. By doing this, you can also experiment with a variety of hairstyles every day! To know more about the different techniques to curl/perm your hair, read onto the next section.
 Curling Your Hair
Wetting The Hair
Technically, hydrogen bonds are broken when you dampen your hair and this is done so that the hair can be reset in a certain way. You don’t need to have dripping wet hair, since it takes longer to dry. But, dampening your hair is a must before beginning the curling process. Applying some mousse to set the hair serves a dual purpose of protecting the hair as well as keeping it in place. The only time when you shouldn’t wet your hair is when you are using hot irons because the heat of the water can burn your hair.
Curling Hair Methods
  • Thin tight braids can be done to the entire hair before going to bed and when you remove the tight plaits the next morning, voila! You hair will appear more zigzag temporarily.
  • Straighteners (flat irons, yes!) can be used to obtain those soft curls at the ends of the hair. This way the hair will be curlier from whichever section you want. It appears straight from the top and curly at the bottom.
  • Curling irons are, of course, the best option. They emit steam that helps in grooming your locks as you wish. They can make perfect spiral curls for a short time but they can be very time consuming and super damaging.
  • Rollers are seen on the top of most women’s heads! They are beneficial in a way because no heat and chemicals are required. The only drawback is that you require someone’s help. Sometimes, hot rollers are also used which can be done for a soft and romantic look. But, the curls done by rollers don’t last very long.
  • Another method used recently involves wrapping foil around the strand of hair and curling the foil up (with your hair inside) and securing with a bobby pin. This method is easy on the hair while you sleep and non- damaging but takes ages to dry!
  • There is something called a sea salt spray. This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to curl your hair. Wet your hair, apply sea salt spray on this wet hair, then scrunch your hair and let it dry. You will be left will beach waves on your hair and if you want it curlier then twist the hair strand on your finger.
  • Bobby pins or pin curls were the most popular in the 1920s, especially for those with shorter hair. Well defined skinny curls were tightly adhered to the hair. A variation of this is hair sticks instead of hair curlers. 
There are abundant methods and ways to curl your hair to give you that happy-go-lucky look! Try the one that you find the most convenient and least damaging.

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