An ill fitting jean is not worth the material that it is made of. Read the article given below to learn how to shrink jeans.

How To Shrink Jeans

Have you ever wondered why it is so tough to find clothes off the rack that fits like a cork in a bottle? This holds especially true when it comes to selecting the right fitting denims, as very few can come out lucky. The reason for not getting the perfect fit is that though there are standard waist sizes, there are no standard sizes for the hips. And for every person the lower half of the waist and the derrière comes in different sizes. Therefore, only if luck is by your side, will you be able to find one that fits your waist, bottoms and thighs. Jeans have always been the favorite casual wear for both teenagers and adults. Throughout the decades, it has undergone various transformations and styles. Among the most enduring style is the skinny fit look which is both sensuous and comfortable. It is hard to understand how only a pair of jeans can make you look glamorous, but the fact that it does cannot be overlooked. Thus, if you have an ill-fitting or plainly, a loose fit jeans, you will have to work on it and shrink it to give you the perfect fit. The time required to shrink your jeans will depend upon the material with which it is made of. While one material may require a single washing, others may need several. And the labor required to shrink the jeans is only a small price to pay if you are desperate for that skinny fitting look. Read further on the step by step instructions on how to shrink jeans.

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Tips On Shrinking Your Jeans

  • Find out if your jeans are prewashed as jeans which are not prewashed will shrink more.
  • Determine how much of the jeans you would like to shrink. Now place the jeans in the washer. Turn the heat of the washer depending upon how much you would like the jeans to shrink. The hotter the washer, the more shrinking would be done.
  • After the washing gets done, remove the jeans and place them in the dryer. Run the dryer using the hotter setting for more shrinkage and cooler setting for less shrinkage. When the jeans are dry try them on to check if they have shrunk to the desired size. If not, repeat the process again.
  • The jeans will stretch again after a period. So, make sure that you wash the jeans regularly in warm water.
  • You can also go for shrink to fit pair of jeans that are specifically designed to be shrunk. Such jeans are the best if you want to shrink the jeans to your specific size.
  • Fill a bath tub with hot water and soak your favorite pair of jeans in it. Leave the jeans in the hot water for twenty minutes. Thereafter, hang the jeans in a suitable place and leave it to dry overnight. Try the jeans the next day and check the fitness. If the pair of jeans has not shrink up to the desired size, then soak it again in hot water. Leave it overnight to dry and then try again. Once shrunk to your specification, simply wash in cold water and hang to air dry.
  • If you want to shrink the jeans in the least possible time then you should boil your jeans. Set a large vessel of water to a boil and once it starts bubbling add the jeans. Keep the jeans in boiling water for thirty minutes. After that turn the dryer on high heat and put the jeans in. This will shrink the jeans drastically.
If you can’t fit into your favorite pair of jeans, you must make the jeans fit into you. You can do this by learning how to shrink jeans. The tips on shrinking jeans will teach you how you can go about doing that.

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