The large, hunting Billy dogs are the descendents of the royal white hound and small Swiss hound families. Explore this article to know more about the Billy dog breed.

Billy Dogs

Breed: Hound
Billy Dog
Height: Male 60-70 cm Female 58-62 cm
Weight: 55-66 pounds
Coat Type: Short and smooth
Considered to be one of the most elegant French dog breeds, Billys are instinctive hunters. Their inherited instincts and quick reflexes make this breed an excellent small-game hunter. These long-legged bassets are mostly kept in kennels, in packs, for hunting. They are believed to be the descendents of the King’s white dog and small Swiss hound families. Billy dogs hunt large game in packs, allowing the hunter to know where the quarry actually is, by their loud melodious calls. They have extremely good noses, in terms of smelling. Explore this article to know more about the Billy dog breed.
Billy is a combination of three extinct breeds, namely, Montemboeuf - a hunter of Wild Boar, Ceris - a hunter of Hare and Wolf and the keen-nosed Larye. The dog’s history can be taken back to the 19th century, in central western France. Monsieur Gaston Hublot du Rivault bred the first Billy at Chateau de Billy in Poitou. They were initially used as pack hunting dogs, to track away Roe Deer and Wild Boar. In fact, till date, they are used for the same purpose in native France. The breed standard was finally established in 1886. Billy is one of the breeds that survived the World War II, with just ten dogs in number.
Billys are large, tall and have a lot of stamina at the time of working. They can be seen in shades of white, light tan, white with markings, light orange and lemon. Their skin is thin, usually white with thin, short, stiff and glossy coat. The dark eyes are ringed with black or brown. The well-developed nose has a square muzzle, while the ears are medium sized and relatively high. Their back is wide and slightly arched. They have a long, slightly feathered tail. Although they are well-built and strong, they are light in weight.
Billy dogs are intelligent, courageous and extremely fast. They are easy to train and prove to be suitable pets for families and children. They are a good companion for children, as they are brave and very sociable. They need a lot of exercise and thus, cannot be confined to closed spaces. These dogs gallop easily and are happiest when outdoors. The breed cannot survive in an apartment or city. It is quarrelsome or argumentative with packs. The dogs have a melodious call and a pack in full voice can be a stirring sound.
Genetic Diseases
Billys need a lot of protection from cold weather, since their own coat offers them very little shield from the chill. They should not be exposed to severe cold or they can contract bronchitis.
The short coat of Billy requires only a little grooming. Thorny brushes should not be used to groom them.

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