Do you really like someone and don’t know how to ask her out? Or you fear being rejected? These cool tips on asking a girl out could be your ultimate guide to get your girl.

Asking A Girl Out

There is a cute girl in your school or college whom you really like. Every time you see her, your heart beats at an astronomical rate and your mind goes revolving with dreams and fantasies. Sitting on the last bench of the class, you fix your gaze on her pretty face, in a hope that she would turn back and look at you one day. This continues for quite some weeks until one day, she accidentally looks back. Your eyes meet and the two of you exchange a smile (her’s a vibrant one and yours a nervous, guilty one). But whatever it was, at the end of the day, you had finally connected with her, even if it were merely for a fraction of a second. Now, the only thing that is running on your mind is to know her, to get close to her, to talk to her and tell her how much you feel or like her.
You know that she is already too pretty and out of your league. She is perfect ten, while you barely manage a seven. But, nevertheless, had looks only been the clause, life would have been much harder. You know you have a heart of gold and that your gentleman mannerism can woo any girl and sweep her off the feet. Gathering all your self belief and motivating yourself for the purpose, you decide to talk to her, breaking your inhibitions, once and for all. You walk towards her with lot of courage, but the moment you see her, your whole courage fades up and your steps retreat to their original position. Lest she walks away with someone else right in front of you and you are left regretting for not even trying, break the shell and ask her out. Following lines offer you tips on how to ask a girl out. Try them out and get your girl, before somebody else gets her!
How To Ask A Girl Out
Love Yourself
Sounds foolish but true, how are you supposed to love someone, if you don’t love yourself? Never bring any negative and bad feeling about yourself. Nobody is cent percent perfect. What matters, is how well you enhance your positives and underplay your negatives. And as far as looks are concerned, remember, even the best of branded wear can make you look stupid if you lack the finesse to carry the same. Each individual is blessed with a unique personality. It is how you make most of what you have that counts. Feel great about yourself and maintain a healthy body frame. Bath daily, dress nicely and remain well groomed, for girls rarely like unkempt or obese boys.
Have Confidence in Yourself
Confidence is the key to every lock in life. It not only resolves matters, but helps you take the big leaps in life. Confidence comes with knowledge and experience. A confident man never shows, he never boasts about his achievement and goals. Strength of real man lies in his action not in words. So before approaching a girl, always feel confident. Your confidence would add a new dimension to your personality and make you seem attractive and eye-catching.
Evaluate Your Situation
Now as you are ready physically, the next thing required before asking a girl out is to prepare yourself mentally. Evaluate your situation, if you know the girl already and truly like her, then your fear of rejection would be higher than towards the girl you are meeting for the first time. Look at her carefully, observe her body language. If she is looking at you constantly, it means she is attracted to you or least thinking of you. In that case, your chance of success is higher. Observe her mood, check if she is miffed or busy. If she is in bad mood, you shouldn’t approach her then. Avoid asking a girl out when she is accompanied by her friends, she will most probably refuse you or in the extreme case, she will carry the whole gang with her. And if that is the case, be prepared to shell out bundles of greens!
Never Hesitate
If you are seriously interested in a girl and want to ask her out, never hesitate to articulate your true feelings. Check that she looks at you once so that you get a space in her mind, then walk towards her with confidence. Keep a smiling face, with a steady gaze while approaching her. If you are meeting the girl for the first time, never use any cheesy pick up line. If she is from your class or your colleague, a great way to make the start is to involve her in a friendly chat. Once she is comfortable, pop out the question. Never mention the word “date” while asking her. Just casually ask for her company. Something like, “Have you ever been to an art exhibition? It’s great experience, there is an art exhibition going on in city, do you mind joining me there?” sounds good and usually extracts a positive response. You can frame your own lines according to the  situation and your preference. Make the invitation as natural as your talk. Don’t make it serious or life and death concerning matter.
Never Put The Girl On Pedestal
Girls always like men who initiate, who are aware of their actions. Once you have asked the girl out and she has accepted your proposal, be specific with the time, day and place of the date. Never ask girl to choose the time and day, in that case your date is never going to happen. However, don’t be too rigid with your plans for she may have something else in store. Come up with a plan and ask her if she is comfortable with it or would prefer sometime later. Always be polite in your endeavor. Have a plan of action and don’t forget to keep surprises for her. Girls always love surprises.
Keep Your Cool If She Says No
If she says no, don’t show your disappointment and desperation. Girls hate negative reaction. Give smile as if it wasn’t a serious matter to you. Some girls never accept on the first try, you perhaps should try again after some time. With a positive attitude and unflinching confidence, you will definitely have her one day. And if she still doesn’t agree, never cry over it. Perhaps you need to look somewhere else boy!
Hope these tips will help you to get your girl and you don’t have to regret one day. Best of luck!

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