Ottawa is the capital city of Canada and offers many exciting places to see. Explore things to do and tourist attractions in Ottawa.

Things To Do In Ottawa

Location: Canada
Ottawa Canada
Language: Ojibwe
Best Time To Visit: All through the year
Time Zone: UTC - 5
Driving Side: Right Side
Main Attractions: Museums, Steam-engine Train, Byward Market, Gatineau Park, Rideau Canal
Ottawa is the capital city of Canada. It is country’s fourth largest municipality and second largest city of the province of Ontario. It is located in the eastern side of the province of Ontario in the Ottawa Valley. The capital city lies on the banks of the Ottawa River, a major waterway that forms the boundary between Ontario and Quebec. The place offers a nice blend of both the conventional classic and the contemporary feel for its visitors to embark on. The city offers numerous places to see for its tourist to get a taste of its history and it’s present. Read on to know about the tourist attractions and thing to do in Ottawa.
Unveil The Past!!
Musée canadien des civilizations, Canada’s national museum offers a look at the generations of humans fostering in a sense of equality and the sense of having a same origin and the shared past. The museum offers its visitors a look at the development of human generation from the pre historic times till the present date. The Museum also features outstanding international exhibitions and is home to the Canadian Children’s Museum, the Canadian Postal Museum and an IMAX Theatre. There are a lot of other museums in the city, which you would not want to miss if you have interest in knowing the culture and heritage of the various places.
Unforgettable Journey!!
The Hull-Chelsea-Wakefield Steam Train offers the tourist the most treasured experience they would ever have. It is Canada’s last remaining authentic steam powered trains. It takes you from the city of Hull to the scenic beauty of the village of Wakefield Québec, traveling in one of eastern Canada's most scenic railways. The 64 kilometer journey is a five - hour round trip consisting of a two-hour stop in Wakefield and travel time is of one and a half hours in each direction. It’s a journey you would never want to miss once you are in Ottawa.
On a Shopping Spree!!
Established in 1826 by Lt-Col. John By, the ByWard Market is one of Canada's oldest and largest public markets. This market is a place bustling with energy all the time and offers something for all kinds of people. From outside vendors selling fruits and vegetables to the coffee shops and the expensive luncheons and dinners, the market is the best place to hangout. It covers a four block square and offers an assortment of all kinds of entertainment, where one can have the benefit of walking across the whole area.
It’s Raining Gold!
The Royal Canadian Mint has a worldwide reputation of being the premier producer of both circulation and collector coins. It is also highly respected premier refiner of gold. Once in Ottawa you would not want to miss the glittery million dollars worth of gold in a single roof. It is the global leader of minting and offers a delectable sight to its visitors who might be in awe with the glitzy view. The parliament building is another one, which you would not want to miss on your visit to the place.
The Magical Greens and the Mystical Whites!
The striking beauty of the Gatineau Park and the Rideau Canal is one of the highlights of Ottawa. The Gatineau offers its visitors all the varieties of flowers and is a perfect picnic place. While the park offers a green delight to the people and recreational pathways for skaters, joggers, cyclist and walkers the canal offers facilities for canoeing and boat riding.

Ottawa Canada  
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