Barbados is a lovely island nation in the Atlantic Ocean and is a major tourist attraction. Check out the places to see and things to do in Barbados.

Things To Do In Barbados

Location: East of Caribbean Sea, Atlantic Ocean
Languages: English
Best Time to Visit: Throughout the Year
Time Zone: GMT – 5
Driving Side: Left Side
Main Attractions: Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary, Sunbury Plantation House, Flower Forest, Harrison's Cave, Ocean Park Marine Aquarium, Mullins Bay, River Bay, etc.
Located just east of the Caribbean Sea, Barbados is a beautiful independent island nation in the West Atlantic Ocean. Known for its beautiful beaches and stunning weather, Barbados attracts people from all over the world to come and enjoy life in its best form. The island is geologically composed of limestone-coral, which was formed due to the convective downwelling of the South American plate and the Caribbean plate. Barbados experiences salubrious tropical climate throughout the year, which makes it apt to be visited any time of the year. Rains are short lived and the island becomes pleasantly cool during the evenings and warm and sunny in the mornings. It has one of the highest standards of living and high literacy rate of 97%. Check out the places to see and things to do in Barbados.
Barbados Tourist Attractions
Play with Water!
Barbados is an island that will give you plenty of opportunities to play in water. Go swimming, snorkeling and bathing in the beaches. Check out famous ones like Mullins Bay, River Bay and Bath Beach where you can easily take a bath in the water and also swim in the shallow water. Picture yourself swimming just above a shipwreck and seeing turtles by your side. It would be an experience that you wouldn’t forget in this lifetime.
Natural Attractions
One of the primary attractions of Barbados is the Harrison’s Cave. It is a colossal cavern full of limestone stalactites and stalagmites, rivers, waterfalls, etc. that will fascinate you beyond belief. It is said that the cave a network and was used as a hiding place for slaves in the 18th century. Also, don’t forget to check out Flower Forest, which has almost all the species of flowers in Barbados. This natural garden is maintained beautifully and is a must see when you visit Barbados. Also, don’t forget to catch a lovely view of the Atlantic Ocean from here!
Barbados Wild Life
Have you always been fascinated by underwater life? Did you always want to check out the colorful marine creatures and close to them? Then Barbados is the place for you. Come and check out the Ocean Park Marine Aquarium and get totally fascinated by creatures of the sea. You can gaze at them for hours, without getting wet! If you want to check out the natural wildlife of Barbados, then you must visit the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary and Barbados Wildlife Reserve. These two places are home to varied animals and birds and a stroll though the lush green sanctuaries will introduce you to a world that will surely bowl you over.
Yes, you read it right! Barbados has a scintillating nightlife and you must make a point to visit one of the various clubs in the evening. Check out places like Bubbas Sports Bar, Mc Brides Pub and Cookhouse, Club Xtreme, Harbor Lights, The Boatyard, etc. Enjoy chilled drinks and live music at these places and shake a leg or two to the thumping music that is played. You can be sure to get access to some of the greatest party music ever, which is played by some of the best DJ’s of Barbados.

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