Are you suffering from social anxiety disorder? If yes, then read through this piece get to know a few remedies for this disorder.

Social Anxiety Remedies

Most people go through social anxiety at some point of time in their lives. Facing the podium, making a presentation, going on a date are some of the most common social situations when you might feel super edgy about. This, however, is absolutely normal. Nonetheless, there are many people who suffer from constant anxiety without having any specific reason for it. They fear everyday interactions and find it tough even to write a check in public or eat with acquaintances in public places. The most common symptoms of social anxiety disorder include intense fear of being in situations where you are surrounded by strangers, fear of situations in which you may be judged, and fear that others will notice that you look restless. Such people always try to avoid situations where they might be the center of attraction. They also avoid speaking with people out of fear of embarrassment. If your life is disturbed and if you are suffering from social anxiety disorder, then here are some tips to help you overcome this condition successfully. Read through the section that follows to learn more about different social anxiety remedies.

Remedies For Social Anxiety
  • There are several remedies available to help patients cope with social anxiety. Most of these remedies will help control social anxiety symptoms so that you can manage yourself better and stay relaxed in societal situations.
  • Psychotherapy or cognitive behavioral therapy helps to improve symptoms in majority of the patients who are suffering from social anxiety disorder. This therapy helps a patient to determine how to behave or react in a given social situation. The patient learns to change negative thoughts about him/her into positive thoughts.
  • Exposure therapy also works great as a social anxiety remedy. In this therapy the patient is gradually exposed to situations he/she fears the most. This form of therapy helps the patient to cope with these kinds of situations in a better way. It builds up confidence within the patient and makes him/her able enough to face the situation in an encouraging way.
  • Many patients also benefit from role playing and skills training that provide them comfort and boost up their confidence levels.
  • Learning stress management and relaxation techniques is also helpful to patients suffering from social anxiety disorder.
  • Physicians may also recommend antidepressants to help alleviate the condition.
  • There are certain anti-anxiety medications that are helpful in reducing the level of anxiety in a patient. But remember, most of these drugs are habit-forming drugs, and so they should be only taken strictly under medical supervision. Ensure that you follow the recommended dosage prescribed by your physician to a T.
  • Certain medications known as beta blockers have the ability to block the stimulating effect of adrenaline; thus controlling the levels of stress and anxiety in a patient. But remember, these drugs can reduce the heart rate and blood pressure and can cause shaking of the limbs, quivering of the voice and pounding of the heart.
  • Patients suffering from social anxiety are often found to benefit from practicing certain situations like eating with close relatives, friends or acquaintances in public, asking a retail clerk to help find an item, complimenting someone, being the first to say hello, and getting directions from others.
  • A holistic approach has proven to be beneficial in treating social anxiety disorder, while also incorporating mainstream and complementary treatments along with a balanced diet and regular exercise.
These social anxiety remedies will surely help you if you have been suffering from social anxiety disorder for a long time. However, consult a physician as soon as possible to avoid other complications.

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